Is Obama Having a Mid Life Crisis

   Posted by: chris   in Fish Talk

Is Obama like turning into a reality show President? The country is one pay check away from the gutter, China could foreclose at any moment and here is Obama stick his nose where Bill Clinton wouldn’t stick his umbrella.

So he just can’t stop himself from commenting on the Gates Cambridge affair even though he readily admitted that he didn’t have the facts. That is what is sometimes called opinion and as we all know we are all entitled to our opinions or are we.

I mean if Obama and my next door neighbor are entitled to their opinions so too is the guy at the controls of a jetliner full of passengers heading for a skyscraper full of people.

Entitlement to an opinion is a bag of horse stuff.

Next thing he has to call Craig Burley while he is giving his after game press conference after his perfect game.

Then he has to go into the commentary box during the all star game. It’s like he is setting himself up for a career in broadcasting after he is evicted from the White house. Enough already.

As the Queen mother once said to her daughter Elizabeth when she wanted to go on an afternoon bender: “But dear who will reign.”

Me personally I don’t fancy having Mao Tse Tung coming to my front door and telling me that he owns my house, I want Obama, Geithner, Bernanke and the guys to deal out a hand of that “change” that got him elected.


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