Is Welfare for the Poor or the Rich

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First a few truths:

  • The economy is a market place comprised of every person in that marketplace. Within the confines on The United States this includes every single citizen, legal alien and illegal alien regardless of the political prejudices or opinions of the observer.
  • The economy can only survive and retain balance if every member of that economy can survive and thrive within the economy.

In relation to welfare it should be noted that welfare was not instituted nor is it currently administered for the benefit of the poor. The only reason for welfare is to keep the poor in their ghetto’s and not have them out harassing the better off member’s of society in their neighborhoods.

Welfare is designed to offer the minimum basics for the poor and thereby dissuade them from doing what any higher organism who just happens to have the tools to be top of the planetary food chain would do in periods of need, ie go out and take what they need.

It is interesting to note that welfare came into being in the great depression when there where record amounts of people with nothing to lose. History may recall that the introduction of welfare by Roosevelt was a benevolent gesture however the cynic in me keeps on thinking of Marie Antoinette.

Did you ever notice that you never hear a negative word in relation to welfare coming from the super wealthy, it is always the middle class tea party types who berate the welfare system.

The rich know how things really are, the tea party type are merely poor people who think that they are middle class.

There are only two classes of people, you are either rich or poor and if you have to work for a living you are in the same class as those welfare folk you seem to despise.

If you count yourself in the ranks of the middle class, chances are that you are conditioned to the point of being brainwashed.

There is a little rule of thumb for times when you want to question the status quo:  “Everything you now think and believe is most probably untrue, in fact the truth of any situation, person or thing is most probably the opposite of how it appears.

Nothing and I mean nothing is anything like it is being presented, the office of the president speaks reality into existence and that is a direct quote from a Bush staff member.

And remember that your worst enemy in the “seeing is believing” realm is yourself, as the traveling salesman’s is reputed to have said and I quote: “Seeing is believing, trouble is most people believe what they want and then go ahead and see it”.

You my friend are an active participant in your own screwing!

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