Israel is Giving ME a Headache

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I have to say that just after writing that last boring post that as a former supporter I am really sick and tired of Israel.

OK so there was a Holocaust all those years ago but we cannot live today and tomorrow on the wages of yesterday.

You went into Palestine and stolen their land and we said we would stand by you, but it is 2009 the world is in a bad place and it really is time for Israel to acknowledge who its friends are.

Do you really understand where you would be if the USA cut you adrift. Do your really understand what you stand to lose. It really is time to wise up and start to play the game with your friends.

Without American support Israel would be gone from the face of the planet in a very, very short time.

Far too many GI’s have paid the ultimate price to uphold Israeli aggression. It really is time to wake up to the fact that Israel is a colonial state and that it is surviving not because of any religious ideal but because of the military power of its friends, primarily the USA and its people.

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Arab armies invaded Israel the moment she became an independent state, again in 1956, 1967 & 1973. Each time the Israelis repelled the Arabs & survived. Israel traded land for peace with Egypt & has shown willingness to do the same with other Arab nations. When they gave Gaza back what did they receive in return? Rockets & mortars fired into their villages & cities. How can you call self-defense “aggression”? Unlike Hamas & Hezbollah, Israel has shown its concern for non-combatants by selecting only military targets when it would have been more effective to do otherwise.

Now I ask you, which American GI’s have paid the ultimate price in Israel’s interest? Show us names, numbers or anything you have to support your claim. do NOT attempt to tie Bush’s Iraq adventure to Israeli interests, as everyone who knows that Israel could have taken out Saddam quickly & more efficiently than the bungled US effort the result of a lifelong ne’er-do-well’s errant policies while Commander-in-Chief.

July 20th, 2009 at 1:50 am

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