Israel Palestine and Apartheid

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First a disclaimer for those people who read English in Chinese. This is not in any way, shape or form a commentary on anything but reality and logic. No inference to religion, superstition, race, ethnicity or creed is made, intended, meant or implied.

Now to the meat.

Does anyone really believe that the attack on the twin towers on 9/11 was not as a direct result of American support for Israel? Does anyone really believe that the unrest in the Middle East is not a result of Israel occupying Palestinian lands? Does anyone really believe that this turmoil is going to go away anytime soon?

When a sixty year old state is enforced on a people, and land that they have lived on and farmed for millennia is taken by force, do you really expect them to say thanks.

The sad reality is that as long as Israel is occupying Palestinian land there will be unrest. For as long as Israel sees only force as a suitable means of achieving a settlement there will be no agreement.

For as long as the US government sees fit to place the rights of Israel above the rights of the Palestinian people and back this support to the tune of billons every year Israel will have no motivation to work with its neighbors.

Israel is the de facto 51st state of the Union and when you are at war with one state you are at war with every state in that country. This is why the Arab people see the ordinary average American citizen as the enemy.

The solution is simple; recognize the right of the Palestinian people to exist. Return their lands or make adequate financial settlements to those who wish to settle. Make all people who live within the borders of Israel citizens with full voting rights. Accept the result of the ballot. After all if apartheid was wrong in South Africa why is it right in Israel?

The fact that the native people eventually won out in South Africa was and is a victory for the moral courage of governments and peoples who rejected the tyranny of apartheid in South Africa but stands as an indictment of those same states and peoples who stand idly by in the face of apartheid in Israel.

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