Jobs the Economy and Taxes

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Jobs the Economy and Taxes

I don’t know if you have noticed this or not but this economy couldn’t be better if you just happen to have access to cash. Every where you look something is on sale, construction workers are starving and willing to work for next to nothing just to keep their heads above water and if you need a house or two just call your local reo realtor and arrange to make a killing off someone else’s misery. Bad economy, really, are you kidding me.

Jobs the Economy and Taxes-Jobs

The jobs numbers are dire, well this really is true if your source of income happen to be one of the statistics that fall into the dire category. If on the other hand you are doing good then the “dire” jobs numbers are actually an asset to you.

You have the cash, you can buy and spend where you want, and the cash strapped are lining up waiting to serve and discounts are deep.

Jobs the Economy and Taxes-The Economy

From the perspective of capital there is nothing like a good recession to put the proletariat firmly in their place which is lodged firmly at the bottom of the financial pyramid.

A few more months/years of this and the minimum wage will seem like something to aspire to.

Here we are bemoaning the state of the economy, do you actually believe that the same weeping and gnashing of teeth is going on in the corporate boardrooms. I can hear Walmart’s CEO right now and believe me he couldn’t be happier with the economy and the jobless numbers.

After all the more unemployment there is, the larger the job-pool willing to work for peanuts. Time was when you paid peanuts you got monkeys, now you get a grateful bachelor of something or other from some unknown state university out west.

The American dream is being slaughtered and butchered right in front of out eyes and we are too afraid of our masters to do anything but nod in fake compliance.

Jobs the Economy and Taxes-Taxes

This whole debate on taxes really amuses me. Do you actually believe that the wealthy care what the tax rate is or how it applies to them. Your fearless elected official might really want you to believe that there will be tax parity but like every other word out of his/her mouth it is spiel uttered to deceive.

Remember the old adage;  it’s not what I say, it’s what I do.

Here’s the deal only stupid rich people pay taxes, in fact every rich person with half a brain pays their accountant more than they pay the IRS.

All this rhetoric re taxes is to make the non rich feel happy to get fleeced weekly/monthly by the IRS who promptly send your taxes to the fed to pay for the interest on the governments borrowings.

Oh!! and by the way just in case you didn’t know, the fed is a privately held body owned by the worlds riches people. Yes you guessed it you are working your backside off to pay taxes/tithe the super rich.

What a great world, what a great economy— if you happen to be rich.

God Bless the Recession is the war cry of the rich.

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