Just Digging Holes

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Where you ever lost in the oblivion of unconscious living you know like digging ever deeper into the inescapable rut that contains your everything and your good Friend Brian wakes you up with the simple phrase “Anne Stop!!”

That’s the reality of holes in relation to the ordinary operation of the human mind. It’s like when you take the wrong exit off the highway, the mind wants to keep going in the belief that it knows another way while somewhere deep a nagging little nagging is screaming stop don’t compound a tiny error into a huge mistake by refusing to accept the small mistake for what it was/is-turn around- and get back on track.

I guess it is a catastrophic flaw in the human psychic to see errors as unacceptable and not for what they are simple adjustments in a trial and error system. We want to believe that we are the finished article, perfect in every way, perfection.

News flash from the perspective of the totality of the Universe which is everything and because it is everything it actually is perfection–well from the perspective of the universe trial and error ((with an emphasis on error)) is perfection.

Life the verb is about doing, the trial factor in “trial and error” is about doing, the error factor is about finding the best way to go about that doing.

Without error there is no perfect action-way-doing.

Error is what life is all about. However we as humans seeing error as something to be avoided at all costs have basically closed down all possibilities for optimum living/performance.

So as the venerable Mr Sheridan would say: “Stop digging.” Stop digging and start doing. Free yourself from the mundane known, correct, marked path and try the road less traveled, who knows what truths you might find strewn along that glory road.

I have two sisters you know, they are not like me. I remember when I was a kid like 16 and believe me that was a long time ago, my big sis used to give me 2 pound a month from her pay check as pocket money, this was every month. My first job as an apprentice electrician paid just over 3 pound so you see that was a lot of money. Did I ever say thanks to Mary for that.

My younger sis Bernie was/is blond good looking, slim and has a whole heart.

The reason that I mention my sisters here is because I have spent a life looking down a one way street that I mistakenly entered on day when I took the wrong exit on my proverbial lifes highway.

And being human and being so very stupid I never thought to stop and ask for directions, no not me, I merely switched to pig headed mode and like the stubborn donkey that I appear to be I just kept going on my merrily wrong way. Becoming someone or something that I don’t really recognize. I am here. I appear to be, but I have absolutely no real idea who or what I am. I wonder is this the definition of lost.

Then a few days ago the phone rang and woke me up. It was Leo and all he said was: “Chris Stop!”‘””””””

Stop digging dude, that hole is a masterpiece, you can’t make it any better, why not get out and try another way.

My daughter Ciara has a little ditty that she says now and then: “If you want something you don’t have do something you don’t do!”

And Einstein is reputed to have said that the definition of insanity to to keep doing the same things and expect different results.

I guess we are all insane!

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Hi Bro, Have you any of that pocket money left over I could do with it in my old age. Have just been to visit B she is in extremely good spirits considering

October 21st, 2010 at 6:02 pm

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