Law and Morality

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Law and Morality

I wonder if we where to set accepted norms aside for a moment and examine the questions of law and morality would we find that rather than it being immoral to break law it would become apparent that it was immoral to create law.

From the perspective of the human mind there are two ways to look at the subject of law.

First there is universal law which is inherent in the actual fabric of the universe. What this actually means is that it is an impossibility to break a fundamental law of creation/universe.

Then there is law which is created by man/society. This type of law is based on the premise that a law must be capable of being broken to exist. I remember an old girlfriend making the statement “the exception that proves the rule” and wrecked my thinking patterns for decades.

Most philosophy is flawed because it is based on some accepted norm. James Allen based his philosophy on Christian tenets and therefore only examines the reality of truth based on the assumption that the teachings of the bible are correct. Such a philosophy requires truth to align with accepted Christian morality for truth to be proven.

So God woke up one day and created the universe but around the time of Moses God discovered a fatal flaw in his creation and was forced to make ten commandments to rectify his gross error.

I find it amazing that the only flaw in Gods master plan relates to human behavior.

It is would be more in line with human behavior and universal perfection to assume that  as with all law the ten commandments where designed to facilitate the legislator in controlling the masses rather than in rectifying  a divine error.

To paraphrase Thoreau “Law is not designed to protect the masses rather law is designed to protect the lawmaker”.

With this in mind the question that like the elephant in the room refuses to go away is:

“Is it more immoral to create a law than to break it.”

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