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God preserve me from idiots and if we must regulate then let us regulate stupidity.

First if I hear another tea party type call for less government and then more police and homeland security to combat crime and illegal immigration I will–well no I won’t!. But don’t you get it guys, being tough on crime and hard on Immigration requires larger government. No, I mean, really, it does.

Here’s the thing, and it is totally obvious to anyone who turns down the deafening noise of their own opinions, the people who are screaming for less regulation are actually only looking for less regulation on themselves while severe regulations are placed on everyone else. This is variously called an uneven playing field, unfair advantage and so on.

And isn’t it really something pathetic that when you can afford like a gazillion bucks to send your lobbyist/fraudster/briber/huckster to Washington to tell our illustrious elected representatives how to write law, that you should also feel the need to pay/instruct/order the media (which you own) to bombard our senses with hyperbole and stuff to make us somehow believe that it is a good thing for us to be subject to regulation while they are not.

It’s kind of like asking “we” the people to be complicate (a willing and active participant) in our own screwing.

I personally would like to see a zero regulation scenario where everyone gets to do what they want and then we would see how the tea party dolts like it. OH! let regulate crime and immigration and poor people but let the good guys do as they please!

Hasn’t anyone told the tea party poor the they are not in the good guys grouping, no, no, no, no, the good guy seats are so way out of the range of the tea party folk that they wouldn’t know one if it fell form a 30 story building and landed on their head.

If you are a tea party activist you have not got a pot to P  in and you are merely a fully paid up member of the deluded poor.

And for the last time welfare is not and was never intended to assist the poor, needy or those down on their luck. Welfare is designed to give  those with nothing to lose something to lose and thereby keep them in their ghetto’s and as far as possible removed from the weak wealthy.

I personally have little to lose except my sanity which is walking the edge at the moment, I mean am I the only one who is actually awake and observing the game that the world is playing.

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting at a card table playing a game of poker and you are really good at poker and you are being dealt unbelievable cards but for some reason you just can’t win a game.

This is the scenario that most people find themselves in, they are up at the plate swinging for all that they are worth, doing their very best with the gifts that God bestowed on them but for some reason they just can’t seem to buy a hit! Sound familiar.

Well here’s the deal (no pun intended) while you are playing your very best game of poker with the excellent cards that you are dealt the people who are pulling in the chips are actually playing bridge or snap or some other obscure card game.

You can’t win because you are playing the wrong game. You are playing the game that the government, the church, your misguided parents and all the rhetoric/propaganda in the media told you was the game of choice.

They told you a lie, you believed and now you are second guessing yourself, sucking Prozac and generally living out the life of a neutered could have been.

This is the problem that the very screwed up tea party types face. Mostly they are lower middle class which is double dutch for dirt poor snobs who want to believe that they are better than the other poor types.

Their intentions are in the right place, they have been playing the game hard for oh so long and here they are rooted to the bottom rung and the guys on Fox tell them that the problem is crime, welfare and illegal immigration not to mention big government.

The problem is that someone else has their money, someone else is driving their Ferrari, someone else is drinker their Dom Perignon, someone else is dating the hot chicks that wouldn’t look twice at a nobody from rung one who insists on playing poker at the roulette table.

So if you are mad as hell and you’re not going to take it any more then why not open your stupid eyes and look at the reality of why you and your precious country are going down the proverbial drain.

And let me tell you that like the protestants and catholics who slaughtered each other for years in Northern Ireland found out, the trick is divide and conquer.

If the guys on the top rung (the tiny minority) can succeed in splitting the masses (the vast majority) and have them (the vast majority) blame each other for the mess that they (the tiny minority) have made of society so that they can have all the stuff (money etc) then all is good in the land of the free and capitalism is toast of the few.

Of course the only ones who actually believe in capitalism are the poor, the wealthy know that capitalism is the stupidest idea. I mean who in their right mind actual believes in the free enterprise system, and this in a country where the only requirement for being elected president is like 500 million dollars, go figure!

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