Let My People Go

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the founder of slaveryThough I haven’t done any research I am prepared to gambol that at least 90% or higher of prison inmates do not have a college degree. Chances are that 90% of prison inmates don’t have a high school diploma.

A report released by the United States Department of justice states that 2,166,260 people were incarcerated in US prisons in 2002 that’s 9 years ago, god only knows how many poor uneducated people we have locked up now.

Here are some mind numbing statics from this 2002 report:

10.4 percent of African American males in the 25-29 age group where in prison.

Compared with

2.4 Hispanic males in the same age group

Compared with

1.2 of white males in this age group

African American Americans are the most underprivileged ethnic grouping in The Land of the Free. They are the most under educated, they are the largest prison population and what their incarceration is costing the country amounts to a small fortune.

Here’s an idea that may have slipped by unnoticed by the African American who presently leases the White House.

Why not spend more money educating the underprivileged than we spend incarcerating them. I really do believe that simply by adding some balance to our educational spending that we could totally overhaul society in this country within a generation.

Regardless of the junk that is written in the constitution and I call it junk because it is apparent that is how our government sees it, however regardless, the absolute total lack of opportunity in this country for the underprivileged is an indictment on all of us, as residents of this once great nation we should be ashamed to call ourselves American, the founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

Show me an African American with George Bushes intelligence who could dream of going to an Ivy League university and I will shut up right now.

Within the hallowed walls of these United States it can be stated with certainty that privilege is reserved for the privileged and that for the rest, the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breath free, well in America we have a place for people without money who think they are free, we call it JAIL!

Change we can believe in starts with a redistribution of opportunity, we the people don’t need anything else, just, only, the promise Liberty offered to those who came seeking freedom and later to those who endured the middle passage bound and shackled.

How many of today’s fortunes were build by the unpaid labor of the ancestors of today’s prison population.

So the injustice continues, we enslaved their ancestors and we deny them rights guaranteed by the constitution today, and all this in the name of the right of money to make money.

I don’t suppose it matters that so many slave ships and their voyages to Africa where funded by New York money, the same Wall Street money that foreclosed  on 1 MILLION homes in 2010.

The same money that sees the average American as a resource to be used and abused for its benefit.

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