Lets Kill Him Anyway

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Cameron Todd WillinghamOn February 16th 2004 the Great (lol) State of Texas put Cameron Todd Willingham to death by lethal injection for the murder of his three infant children by arson.

The forensics of the crime scene where undertaken by the local fire chief who no doubt was an expert in putting out fires but had no education in fire forensics other than experience.

3 days before Willingham was executed the Supreme Court or the United States of America and the then Governor of Texas  Rick Perry received a report from Gerald Hurst a Cambridge PHD in chemistry and an acknowledged expert in fires stating that the fire was categorically and without doubt accidental.

The response from The United States Supreme Court the defenders of the Constitution and from Governor Perry of the Great State of Texas was simpleand I paraphrase “Enough Already fry the Bastard”.

There was an outcry in response Perry set up the Texas Forensics Fire Commission, this commission also found that the evidence used to execute Willingham was flawed. Governor Perrys response was to fire(no pun intended) half the commission and replace it with political allies.

Willingham was described as a sciopath/psychopat in court by a psychologist for the prosecution. His previous crimes where shoplifting and stealing a bike.

Governor Perry dismisses evidence in Willingham caseWillinghams attorney was convinced that he was guilt as hell and should accept a plea bargain and plead guilty as charged

The only other evidence was from a convicted felon who gave evidence that Willingham had confessed to him. When he found out that he was not going to be rewarded for this evidence he recanted it .

The feelings around Corsiciana Texas is that even if he didn’t start the fire that killed his kids Willingham got what the deserved after all he was a petty criminal who liked to womanize and occasionally beat his wife.

My advice to half the men in America is to keep out of Texas, because they kill people like you in the Great State.

death by lethal injection in texas

Nap Time In the Great State of Texas

The very heart and soul of America, its essence, its nature, the shrine of liberty and justice is the Constitution. The justice system is the advocate and administrator of the constitution burdened with a sacred responsibility to act without fear or malice in ensuring that the constitution is observed in all maters and facets of American life.

There can be no favorites or sacred cows. There can be no thought of gain or loss. There is no one ideal that can be accepted above or below the constitution for any reason good bad or indifferent.

For as in the words of Jesus what good does it do a man to gain the world yet loose his soul. What good would it do America to gain the world at the expense of what it is at its core, at its core America is its constitution.

If the Supreme Court, the highest court in our land justifies findings based on political leanings and not on the interpenetration of the constitution, then it must be said that the Supreme court is a traitor and should be removed.

Without the constitution America is not America. If the constitution is not upheld or overlooked for political reasons or for reasons of financial gain then the constitution which is what we are is diminished and with it America is diminished.

The constitution offers the same rights and privileges to all persons subject to it. From the lowest to the highest the constitution does not discriminate or find favor.

A wrongdoing to one of its people is a wrongdoing to all, yet America slumbers and switch’s the channel to Jersey Shore or Housewives of DC while our core principles are being eroded in the name of gain and politics as usual.

I guess you never really know what you have until it is gone!

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