Licensing and Mediocrity

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With the advent of licensing a leveling out of talent has occurred which has resulted in acceptable mediocrity.


Why pay for excellence when you can have a licensed practitioner for so much less. The reality as with most things in life is that you really do get what you pay for. And peanuts will get you a monkey every time.


Now it is also possible in a world where a license somehow signifies excellence that one just might end up paying dearly for a monkey that is not even worth peanuts.


Modern day society operates in a semi deluded big brother knows all and will protect us fog. Licensing is a good intentioned notion initiated to protect the public from unscrupulous characters masquerading as experts in a field. However licensing has had the opposite effect to its desired outcome.


A license signified expert, professional, knowledgeable, etc. The reality is that a license requires a basic minimum knowledge of a subject and is based more on safety than expertise. Expertise is gained with practice in the field. Most people who are paying full price are in fact being practiced on and should be at least paying a discounted rate


Consider any sixteen year old driving with a license provided by the state on the highway and a forty year old with twenty five years of experience. Remember the state has designated the sixteen year old as competent. The license in fact states that the sixteen year old is just as competent as the forty year old with twenty years driving experience under his/her belt.


However a careful look at the relative insurance premiums for these drivers shows a remarkable difference in price. Why don’t insurance premiums reflect licensing? Why is there a difference? Because insurance companies are enlightened and know that you cannot drive with a license; rather you drive with your subconscious which is programmed by years of practice.


The state however being unable to legislate for its legislation and in reality being only interested in revenue collection and reelection will license anyone who meets a minimum requirement.


The same sixteen year old turns into a twenty one year old with a plumbers license commanding the same pay rates as a forty year old tradesman.


The same goes for dentists, attorneys, doctors, massage therapists, and this list goes on for a very long time.


There is an old joke where a homeowner asks an electrician does he have a license and the electrician replies that you cannot drive nails with a license that he prefers a hammer.


The real problem however isn’t with the licensing authority issuing licensing willy nilly, rather it is with the public perception that a license is proof of ability and knowledge.


This is the delusion that allows the Bernie Madoff’s of this world to thrive. The delusion that the state is there to take care of them has disarmed people. They become lazy and trust and in that become fodder to the seemingly harmless environment that our government has built to protect us.


Remember that the greatest predator that ever lived is living in every house on your street. No white shark or Bengal tiger is safe in the presence of a human bent on its destruction. Why do you feel so safe.


Pretend you are a police officer and you can commit crime with immunity. Pretend you are a politician and you can line your own pockets while pretending to serve your constituency. Pretend to be a doctor, dentist, plumber, electrician and the results are the same.


To obtain a real estate license is a task any monkey could master with ease. This does not mean that all realtors are useless or monkeys. But there are a great many realtors who believe that their reason for existing and for holding a real estate license is to receive commission checks.


The reality that professional designation and licensing is provided to allow an individual offer professional services and local real estate knowledge to a clients rarely dawns on the realtor. The commission check is their reason and what must be done to achieve the check is what is done.


This is the sad reality of licensing and professional designation. Mediocre professionals offering mediocre service to a deluded public under the umbrella of a state provided license and/or a professional organization designation.


The difference between an ordinary real estate agent and a realtor is five hundred bucks. No extra skill, no extra education, no test just a check for five hundred bucks.


The mere fact that some home buyers will boast that their agent is a realtor tells it all. They have been fooled by the hype. Isn’t that exactly what happens to a fish with a worm? Just when it thought it had found dinner it turned out that it was in fact dinner.

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