No Blacks and No Irish

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Looks like the British are still up to their old habits. One Rodney Morgan and his family informed the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida that they did not wish to be served or have to deal with:

  • Blacks
  • People of Color
  • People with foreign accents.

When will these people ever get it. They are not special, Britannia doe not rule the waves, they won the war because America and Russia won it for them.

I wonder would Mr. Morgan take exception to a Black man saving his life if he was drowning.

The reality of our sad world is that every dangerous issue we now face was brought about by colonization. The British Empire was at the forefront of this systematic rape and plunder of the resources and people of the non white world.

Every single American soldier who lost his/her life in the Gulf and Afghanistan campaigns can thank England for the mess they left the middle east in when they decided they could make more money plundering the assets of those countries by withdrawing their troops, installing a puppet leader and letting their corporate dogs loose to do the plundering for them.

The first gulf war started because Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait which was and is a minnow state set up by the British to reward a loyal puppet. Saddam merely wanted to reunite his country and if that was wrong then the US civil war fought to keep the Union together was also wrong.

For 800 hundred years the superior British have sat on Ireland. Prior to the famine of the 1840’s there where close to 12 million residents in Ireland. Today over 150 years later despite the high birthrate of the catholic Irish the population, the island’s population is in the 5 million range.

It should be remembered that the famine that struck Ireland in the 1840’s only affected the potato crop. Nothing else was affected yet over one million Irish died from starvation because all other food was taken from the country by our English masters.

So here we are in 2010 and the racist Mr Morgan still does not want to have blacks, coloureds or foreign accents in his almighty British presence.

Shame on him and shame on the Ritz organization for attempting to honour his racial prejudices.

How can America ever claim to be the home of the free and the land of the brave when prejudice like that of Mr Morgan is accepted by premier name brand organizations like the Ritz merely for money.

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