OMG We are So Totally Really Screwed

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Iowa Republican DebateSo I haven’t been really motivated to post here for the longest time, kinda a mix of couldn’t care less and what’s the point.

But, but but , I just watched the Republican debate from Iowa and man is it just me or what.

Anyone who reads this blog or who knows my bleeding liberal heart knows that I think Obama is a dud, waste of time, Bush 3 type of president, and after watching the Republican hopeful’s talk through their arses for an hour tonight my pessimism is at a low ebb.

Stunted, George Bush like (stupid), ham actors (not Clinton like), these are a few words that come to mind to describe the protagonists.

Perry talks like a recovering boxer/addict, he just can’t seem to find the word he is looking for, I think they call it early onset dementia, his forte is being a Christian and frying people of color, didn’t Jesus say something like love God and love Thy neighbor and turn the other cheek, nowhere in the new testament is there any reference to an eye for an eye!!!!!!!!!!

Gingrich is an old stupid fool, the Palestine people are imagined or made up or something.

Bachman, her hair said it all.

The Governor of Mass who is not from Mass is a Masshole! Whats his name Romney who hired illegals and now hates illegals, who invented the health mandate and now hates the health mandate, who pink slipped more Americans than God and now lies through his teeth and kisses any ass available that is not brown or illegal that will get him elected to the great office of President of these United States of America, man don’t get me started.

Rick Santorum, Rick who!!! wake me up when the eggs are fried and the coffee’s smelling like it’s 8 o clock.

The one thing that really struck me from this debate is that if these people are telling the truth in relation to their convictions and their knowledge and understanding of the world and America, then we have little or no hope of coming out of our present swoon and regaining a respectable standing in the world order. In short if it is Obama or one of these, other than possibly Ron Paul, we are so totally totally fucked that it doesn’t bear imagining, and even if it is Paul we will be only totally fucked (not totally totally).

Note: For anyone who cares to know the truth, the whole truth or the real truth, the reality of Palestine/Israel is that the Palestine people who are imagined (Newt Gingrich) have lived and worked the land that is now Israel for time immemorial.

The State of Israel that according to Newt is real came into existence in 1948 or thereabouts after being a terrorist organization.

The people of Israel are predominately of European decent while the imagined Palestinians are indigenous to the region, kind  of like the Sioux and the Cherokee, and man did we give it to them.

Ron Paul speaks a version of truth that is alien to most Americans who have become comfortable with a corporate media version of reality, that in reality doesn’t exist and so therefore he is like a turkey on the eve of thanksgiving, giving thanks.

i.e. He like the rest of us is also fucked and doesn’t even have a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected, even though on most fronts he is our only hope, and because of this we (the people of America) in reality have no hope, we merely wait like a body with cancer for a preordained ending, and it won’t be nice, trust me and if you don’t ask Marie Antoinette, if you can find her head, there will be blood on the streets.

I hereby implore my readers if there are any, to pardon my French (the FUCK word) but I really am pissed with where we are and how the “we” who control my/our life’s are choosing to lead us/me.

Aren’t you too, as well, also pissed, and if you are not then you should look into the mirror and see if it is really yourself that is looking back at you, there are rumors of alien invader body snatchers, no I am not talking about Rick and Michelle, give the aliens a break for god’s sake!!


Here’s a simple idea!!! Lets tax every single person at the same tax rate and then lets have totally no deductions or exemptions. If the tax rate is 10% and you make $100 you pay $10 imagine how simple your tax return would be.

Then lets have no, yes I said no, ZERO corporate tax, let business keep its money and do what it wants with it, hopefully reinvest it. But when the business pays its profits out to its shareholders or bondholders they pay tax at the base level without exemption or deduction.

Also if a Corporation is a US corporation then only the profits that it reports as US profits apply to the US tax code and any benefits that apply to that status. Payouts from non US reported earnings should be hammered as should any attempt to manipulate the system.

All lobbyists should be treated like the Occupy Boston Movement and evicted and given 7 days to leave  the country or face death by beheading in some public square in Saudi Arabia (nice one).

To finish, I, me and myself am/are totally against any and every form of regulation. Did I say totally against every form of regulation, including those that benefit the rich. The poor are already so totally regulated, I mean isn’t that the reason they are so fucking poor.!.!


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That word is actually English fornication under consent of king. I wish Huntsman was doing better. You are right on with the rest.

January 1st, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Why not tax all welfare programs as if it was unearned income. Democrats tell me taxes are an investment. Shame to deny those folks of a portfolio.

January 2nd, 2012 at 10:27 pm

Mitt is very competent and will make a fine President. And I do not remember God issuing any layoffs.

January 8th, 2012 at 4:28 pm

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