On Creating an Aristocracy

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Regardless on what you have been told or have chosen to believe, the main reason, the number one reason and perhaps the only reason the pilgrims came to the new world was the opportunity to own real property.

Some might have you believe that it was religious freedom, but this ideal was a distant second to property rights.

In the aristocratic system which prevailed in Europe at the time of the first pilgrims to the Americas it was not possible for commoners to own land, property rights were the domain of the aristocracy, the lords, the dukes etc. So with the promise of the right to own land, a home the pilgrims set off for the new world and the rest as they say is history, the history of the American dream.

A dream that is in danger of becoming a full fledged nightmare.

The federal government own 250,000 homes, these are foreclosed homes that the government acquired through fannie mae and freddie mac, at a huge loss to ensure that the foreclosing lender did not make a loss.

In Ireland they call this type of charitable agency NAMA (national asset management agency), I am sure every Sovereign State that is beholding to the banks has one, regardless of what they call it, it transpires to be the public making good on the casino losses of the upper crust.

Now the government of the United States in its brilliance has decide to sell these houses off to investors to be used as rental properties. The first trial batch will be 2,500 houses, which used to be homes before the owners were dispossessed by situation and circumstance.

However not just any investor will be able to avail of this opportunity, Fannie Mae did a $50 million sale last June, but that was on the small side. Fannie Mae/the government, are evaluating what a larger asset sale would look like.  It is envisaged that future sales would be to institutional investors possibly in the billion dollar range.

And I was just thinking that perhaps, just perhaps we have come full circle and once again property rights will be the domain of a privileged minority the the rest of the plebs will just have to rent from them, just as their forefathers did in aristocracies of old.

When I was a kid we lived in a government owned house in Dublin, we paid rent and got on with the struggle that is preserved for the underclasses and then one day some bright politician decided to give the renters the opportunity to buy their rental and become homeowners, this bright spark came up with the crazy notion that every renter who decided to buy would be given a credit against purchase price for past rent paid, can you believe this, just doesn’t make monetary sense.

Anyway, we, my family who never had a pot to piss in, became homeowners, proud viable homeowners through no fault of our own, just the good fortune to be caught in the glare of the headlights of a politician who had more than making a killing on his mind.

Mr Obama could put a clause in the sale of these foreclosed homes that would allow a renter to become a homeowner at a future point in time with a credit for rent paid to be used as a deposit.

When I ponder the question what is America, the best I can come up with is the Constitutions, without it we are a mere rabble, it is our structure, our meaning as a Nation.

A constitutions that is maligned and ignored, the founding fathers wanted more than anything to ensure that their country, the State they were founding never deteriorated into an aristocracy.

It appears that there are forces at work bent on undoing the dreams of the founding fathers and their constitution.

Mr Obama do us all a favor and look before you take this giant leap backwards, you are holding a very fragile dream, an American Dream, the American Dream, so carelessly in your ever increasingly clumsy hands.

Tread softly, we the people, are relying on you.

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It would be far wiser to sell the homes at fair prices to deserving Americans esp those who are serving in the Military. Home owners take better care of the property they own than renters who often could care less.

March 7th, 2012 at 4:31 pm

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