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Who’s Your Daddy?

So I’m driving in the car with my grandpa and the navigation device is telling us where we are and I’m wondering if this is gonna be like the cell phone addiction that turned us into friendless fiends without its address book..

Do you remember a time when you knew everyone’s phone number by memory, now if you don’t have the cell you can’t even call home cause you actually don’t know your own home phone number. We have become dependant on the cell for contact with our friends and business associated. Without the cell phone address book we are lost.

So I’m wondering how long it will be before we don’t know the way to all the places we constantly visit without the satellite navigation devise telling us how to get there. It’s a scary thought but we are fast becoming a people tied to a grid that will control our total existence. An even scarier thought is that we have no control whatsoever over the grid.

Then an even scarier thought started peeping its head above the parapet that separates reality from everyday fog. There was a time when people didn’t depend on a job. Now people are terrified of losing something that only 200 years ago was as abnormal as not having a cell phone is today and not knowing your way to the grocery store will be tomorrow. Most people who lose their job are lost and terrified and the terrible truth is that that is how it was designed to be.

We where designed by the great one to be masters of the universe and if not the universe then definitely this planet. Top of the food chain second to none lost in the oblivion of high tech and fear.

Did you know that the hardest thing for the early factory owners to do was keep the workers at their station? Two to three hundred years ago people where so accustomed to personal freedom that they came and went as they pleased. Now we clock in and clock out and dare not discommode our “owner” sorry boss for fear we lose our job and thereby our means of existence.

It’s fear and only fear that scares us. The actual truth is that other than fear we are a fearless breed. The absolute truth is that humans are afraid of nothing, not polar bears, not dragons, nothing.

The only thing that scares us is fear. Here we are huddled around the camp fire scared out of our wits by the old guy telling ghost stories. Now none of us has ever seen a ghost ghoul or monster but we are still half scared to death.

Tomorrow come sun up we will go out and stalk saber toothed tigers and maybe a few tyrannosaurus rex but tonight we are terrified of the unknown and it never dawns on us that the very reason that it is called the unknown is because it doesn’t exist.

We are afraid of nothing so to control us our masters conjure up fears to keep us in line. Our masters you see are afraid of something, they are afraid of us. The only thing that keeps them dining at the top table and living in the big house is their ability to tell ghost stories and keep us in line. They know that there is nothing as scary as an angry human on the hunt and if the word ever got out that they have been tricking us into submission for all these years then perhaps there would be hell if not a guillotine to pay.

But they almost have us where they want us, tied to dependence on technology to which they hold sway over the switch. There will be no need for ghost stories just the threat of cutting power to our grid and leaving us lost in our own backyard without access to our own home phone number to call home will be enough to ensure cooperation. Kind of like induced alzheimer’s.

The road to the future looks bleak.

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