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Or a History of Foreign Dictators with Ties to the US

US Middle East InterestsFull disclosure here, although I live legally and lawfully in the United States I have no foreign interests other than the fumbling”s of Dail Eireann.

Don’t you find it amazing how the men and women in suits who run the civil services of America have this unbelievable gift to speak reality into existence, it truly is alchemical in nature turning a complete botch up into gold, as in finding no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and then convincing the gullible that we invaded Iraq to rid it of a dictator and give the long suffering people of Iraq the gift of democracy.

I mean on a scale of 10 for base no goodness where did Saddam fall in relation to Bush and Cheney. I would reckon that they where not too far apart and while they hung Saddam, Bush and Cheney are living off the fat of the land.

Did you know that Iran has the gall to try and develop a nuclear bomb, I mean how could we let our interests in the Middle East be threatened by a theocracy who oppresses dissent.

Well there is a theocracy in the region who oppressed dissent with a fist of iron and already has nuclear weapons. However instead of sanctions and threats of military action we send this apartheid nation in excess of $3 Billion each and every year. Do I hear you scream “thats my money bitch, I want it back”.

It appears that America loves Israel like a child, and we really do have so much in common. I mean both nations came about by stealing land from native people. In both cases the native people where oppressed and butchered by the invaders. Every promise and treaty made with the indigenous people was broken. The indigenous people where pushed from one reservation to another when their land was required by national interests.

Just what exactly is national interest, I don’t know do you, but I am willing to bet it involves someone with a lot of capital both political and currency. Some rich bast@#d manipulating the resources of the State (military) to steal resources for them.

I repeat I have no foreign interests.

Like a fabled missionary of old the US has a golden goal, to spread democracy to the known universe.  So it seems odd  that Change we Can Believe in Obama has directed his Special Envoy to Egypt to make statements like “President Hosni Mubarak must remain in office temporarily to oversee change”. (How long is “temporarily” I wonder)

Dude. The people of Egypt want change Now, read my lips NOW! What happened to democracy, to change we could believe in.

I will tell you what happened to democracy in Egypt. The US have supported the Mubarak regime in Egypt for over 20 years to the tune of  $2 Billion a yeas plus all the F16 that he had runway to park. Oh! and by the way Mubarak appointed himself president for life and the US said great and King George said I wonder if I could pull that one off.

And all this because Mubarak promised to pretend to love America’s love child Israel.

These interests in the Middle East are costing US taxpayers an absolute fortune.

I have an idea, why don’t we run the Blackfoot or Cherokee off their reservation and set up a little Israel  on it and give everyone in Israel like a million dollars to relocate.

Hell the Cherokee will just have to get back on the trail of tears to wherever we decide to send them and we will make out like a bandit in military and overseas aid savings.

I bet we could wipe out our Gazillion dollar budget deficit in an instant just like that, magic, alchemy, speaking reality into existence.


Did you ever stop to think that almost every dictator since the war have been propped up by the US to in some way or other ensure our “””interests“””. What are all these interests that is causing us to make so many enemies and costing us so much money. I mean whose interests are they anyway.

Baby Doc, Marcos the Shoe Sing of the Philippines, Saddam Hussein (before he pissed us off and we had him hung), The Shah of Iran and every right wing hoodlum sadist who ever drew a breath in South America.

Is it any wonder half the world hates us and the other half has no time for us.

This is a true story which I witnessed with my own eyes, I am not typing reality into existence.

When President Clinton visited Ireland the people where lined ten deep on the footpaths waving stars and strips and cheering him on.

A few years later when President Bush was in Ireland every policeman in the country was mobilized to keep the protesters away from him. There was no cheering or flag waving, just protest.

Bush 1 left office with the largest deficit in US history.

Within 8 years Clinton left office with the largest surplus in us history.

8 years later Bush 2 left office with a new record deficit.

Unfortunately the American people elected a yes man for change we could believe in. I thought it was only the white man who spoke with forked tongue. The Buffalo soldier too, who would have thought.

America has been hijacked by Special Interests Groups. They instruct and command our elected representatives to enact legislation and direct the military to act in whatever fashion necessary to achieve their interests.

The American people play no part in this, they have been reduced to helpless onlookers as their government acts in ways they don’t agree with in their name.

How long will it be until the scenes on the streets of Cairo are being enacted in Washington DC.

The people of America voted in massive numbers for Change when Obama swept to office. Their mandate has been betrayed and there will be a price to pay.

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