Poverty not Wealth Creates Wealth

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Did you ever notice how every word ever spoken has a desired outcome an underlying agenda. If there is nothing you want then there is nothing to say.


It’s like the statement: “Wealth creates wealth” which is the buzz word of the less taxes on rich folk brigade. Just the mere utterance of the manipulative phrase and hey presto like an Alchemist turning rock into gold the utterance speaks reality into existence.


Everything would be just dandy but for one fly in the ointment. You just might fool all of the people all of the time but reality is never fooled.


What the fools who call themselves experts fail to understand is that reality and perception are not the same animal. Perhaps you just might speak perception into existence, but reality, I don’t think so.


News flash!!!!!!! Poverty not wealth creates wealth. And just as poverty creates wealth the opposite is also true. Yes my friend Wealth creates poverty.


Surely with the limited abundance of the universe it holds that for one person to be fabously wealthy then a whole mess of people must willingly or unwillingly depending on their “perspective” give their share of the abundance to facilitate the enrichment of another.


So much for all men being created equally. I mean did you ever hear such bull. So your daddy is rich and regardless of the depths of your stupidity you go Ivy League and then you have the audacity to judge someone born into poverty and raised in a single parent environment and the best you can come up with is that all men are created equally. In some way inferring that opportunity is there for all. Give me a break.


Reality is that no one and no thing is created equally.


So if you are sitting at home alone with your misery wondering just what happened to your version of the American Nightmare, pondering if Rick is really the guru that he pretended to be all those Squawk Boxes ago remember that the market that you placed your trust in is nothing but perception and that the reality that you so crave is here now regardless of what you, your therapist, or the foreclosing law office care to believe.


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