Professor Gates and the Cambridge Police

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Just a little insight into the Professor Gates and Cambridge Police incident.

I grew up in Ireland in the 50’s. My mother was born in 1922 the year Ireland finally won partial independence from under 800 years of English oppression. My father was born in 1916 the year of the Easter rebellion in Ireland.

It is interesting to note that James Connolly one of the rebellion leaders who was suffering from injuries was executed by an English firing squad while sitting in a chair. I add this tidbit to emphasize the barbarity shown by the Ruling English to the native Irish.

I cannot speak for the Irish mind set that prevails today but in my younger days in the old country the police where seen as an oppressing force. This mindset was a hold over from 800 years of British rule.

It must be understood that the consciousness of a nation or race does not change overnight merely because circumstance on the ground appear to have altered.

When authority be it government, military or police has been seen as an oppressing force for 800 years as in the Irish case and 300 years in the African American case 200 years of which actually consisted of slavery it is easy to see why mistrust of that authority would exist long after the oppression factor was removed.

It is also very debatable if in the African American case that the perception of injustice bordering on oppression continuing to the present day is not a reality.

I am a dog lover and have had dogs all my life and right now there is a dog under my feet as I write. Alas I am also an animal lover so sometimes I find it hard to distinguish between the pain felt by a dog and the pain felt by a deer or caribou.

The point is that while a black Michael Vick was going broke in prison for killing dogs Brett Favre and Sarah Palin where being adored despite their adeptness in the slaughter of the Bambi genus.

Ok so Michael Vick broke some dog fighting law but two years in prison come on. Tell me if he had been any color but black how much time would he have done.

How many hundreds of thousands greyhounds have been euthanized which is a nice word for killed because they committed the crime of not being fast enough. How many thoroughbred horses end up on the dinner table in Europe for the same offense yet not a single dog or horse trainer has been sentenced to the extremes of Michael Vick. Michael Vick greatest crime it appears was delusion, in the form of believing that money would insulate hime from selective guilt.

I don’t know about America as a whole but I do know that Boston is a racist city. When I say racist I do not mean that there is discrimination against any minority. What I mean is that a mutual dislike and distrust exists between both the white and black communities. The racism is equally present in both communities.

This mutual racism reared its ugly head in the course of a routine police call to a home in Cambridge Massachusetts that just happened to belong to Harvard professor Gates. The ire of having a white police officer confront him on the front porch of a home he had bought and paid for set off 300 years of pissed off ness resulting in his “black ass” being hauled off to wherever they haul people who give lip to police officers in Cambridge.

The thing that white Americans fail to understand when they peer into black America is that a few civil rights bills and lofty rhetoric will not heal the scars of what America put these people through. The only balm for those wounds is time.

White people think that black people are out to steal their stuff, black people know that the white people already have their stuff.

Sometimes I think that addicting a race to welfare is almost worst than slavery.

Freedom, true freedom will only be granted to the African American people when they are equally entitled to education and the possibilities offered by knowledge. For as long as the only perquisite to Ivy League entrance is money then injustice will prevail in America.


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