Psychology of Philosophy

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Psychology of Philosophy

All things being equal and I am assured that they are not, how much relevance should be placed on philosophy stemming from a theistic perspective. Or put more bluntly should Ivy League institutions really be peddling the ramblings of a one who believed a myth to be a God.

From a mathematical approach the equation would look something like this.

A+B+C=D             This is nuclear brain science


A = Plato

B= Zeus

C= Myth

D= Donkey

Now as relevant as the above equation may be the atheistic scholar, when it comes to the modern day scholar who believes in a myth, sorry God of his/her own and who also holds that Zeus and his cronies are and were always figments of fertile though unilluminated imaginations, then the question must be asked if Plato was so dumb as to actually believe that an imagined illusion which equates to delusion could be God then why would anything he ever thought or said or had Socrates commit to print ever be considered relevant to the minds of modern day Ivy League Scholars at a tuition in excess of $50K per annum.

I don’t know do you and I wonder does Kant.

The real problem with religion is that it is enforced by bullies who have no problem bludgeoning their beliefs which really are at most opinions down the throats of anyone who cares to question their version of how they think you should believe.

Religion, all religions always has been and always will be mere superstition. Perhaps there is a God, perhaps there is not a God, and no living mortal has ever had the guile to prove this point, however far too many living mortals have found it necessary to kill in defense of their version or opinion of God.

So back to philosophy and its basic tenets which is free will or not free will. The universe is so vast that we have no idea where it goes or why.

The earth is vast in its creature density that we have no idea where it starts or ends.

So I suppose that if a malaria ridden mosquito decides to dine on you that you have the free will to decide if you should live or die or is that choice reserved for the malaria bug.

For a race who did not even decide to be born it really is hard to line up the idea of free will with Ok here I am, I just dropped out of someone’s belly and now I have to decide where I should live, where I should work, who I should cohabit with, and OH!!, which God I should place my chips on. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions, guess I’ll take the easy way out and do what everyone else is doing. Someone said once that your environment is stronger than you and if that is true then please feel free to blame my environment every time I mess up. And remember folks that your environment is the Universe in its totality which some reputedly enlightened dudes refer to as God, so if they are right there is a God after all and if this God is everything then it is to blame!!! T.G.(thank God) as my mother used to write in her letters at the end of every sentence.

Trying to get a straight answer out of philosophy as to which God decided for me that I should be born into a dirt poor low life white trash environment instead of the Ritz and Pink Champagne and delicious female forms in long slinky black numbers with stiletto heels and well you know, is akin to getting blood out of a very stubborn stone.

So as it turns out my only question for philosophy and God runs directly parallel to the Sammy Davis Jr. quote: “When God was handing out the faces he gave me the ugliest one that he could find and then he bet it with a shovel”. Why me, what did I ever do on you?

So you are sitting at your favorite Dunking Donuts in downtown Hiroshima sipping a latte and chewing on an egg mc muffin when some dude in a B29 decides to light up your day. Now you know that you didn’t call this in with your order but what the hell seeing as free will is your realm then I guess you have to take responsibility for vaporizing yourself.

Ask yourself what the capos of church and state would do if they did not have the notion of free will to hang their hats on. I mean imagine a universe where no one or no thing is to blame. Well let me tell you that outside of “people” that universe exists and the sun rises and sets on it each and every day.

Yes in a universe where no one is to blame where nothing is right because nothing is wrong complete perfection rises and falls within itself and within complete perfection there is no need for philosophy, or its Siamese twin psychology, cause guess what, when you know that you are not wrong, that there is nothing wrong with you, then you don’t need to inquire into why things are the way they are and the pharmaceutical companies can’t flog their Prozac to the Nation and wall street will shit the bed and there will be hell to pay.

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