Recession or Correction

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Recession or Correction

I have a headache from listening to the pseudo experts on squawk box polluting the airwaves with their version of whats wrong with the economy and even worst their version of how to fix it.

Here is whats wrong with the economy, nothing. The economy was hyper inflated by years of mismanagement by Greenspan who thought that the way to eternal growth was low interest rates. The fly in the ointment was/is that eternal growth is another way of saying eternal inflation.

Eternal inflation would be OK if all sections of the “economy” eternally inflated in parallel fashion but thanks to incompetent fools like the puppeteers who where pulling Mr Bushes strings the eternal inflation like a bad tide failed to rise all ships.

If there is something wrong with the present US economy it is that a large percentage of the people who make up the US economy can’t afford to live in the economy of which they are part.

The economy (I am not talking about Wall Street) realizing this is correction to accommodate all parts of itself.

Wall Street is not interested in the ideals of correction, they are only interested in getting the casino reopened.

And as for Obama, it is my humble opinion that he is one of the worst presidents ever to grace the oval office. He could have been great, he had good intentions, he had majorities everywhere, he had the good will of the world, but it appears he lacked large ones in a big way. Now we must live with the incompetence of a president who tried to be conciliatory in the face of a perfect storm.

But this aside someone should tell Squawk Box that Obama is only the problem in that he is willing to listen to their nonsense instead of going with his own instincts. He did not create the out of balance economy rather he inherited it from their boy, who incidentally took a full eight years to turn the largest budget surplus in the history of budget surpluses into the mess Obama is making such a mess of cleaning up.

The economy isn’t broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed, it needs to be left alone to go where it wants, and where it wants to go is to a place where its totality is interacting in a balanced fashion.

It is nice to make some money but as the great sage once said the only good business is win win business. Wall Street has no interest in win win, with them it’s winner take all. Someone needs to let them in on the secret that the immense distortion between winners and losers is threatening to capsize the ship.

Recessions, depressions and corrections are merely symptoms of an out of balance economy. I am not saying that the rich shouldn’t be rich, nor am I saying that the poor shouldn’t be poor. I am merely making the point that the economy consists of all its parts and if it only rains on certain trees the forest dies.

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J Ger

If you honestly think Obama is one of the worst presidents ever you must have been sleeping between 2001 and 2009. I think he needs to be more forceful, like all Democrats need to be; but he can’t possibly be expected to fix GW’s mess in less than 2 years. Did you think he was a god or something?

September 7th, 2010 at 11:03 pm

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