Republican Bigotry

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I read recently that 91% of republicans are in favor of the death penalty and I began wondering did the 9% of republicans who were against the death penalty have a family member who the death penalty could apply to.

Republicans seem to be the kind of creature who lack any moral code except in circumstances where they find themselves in the crosshairs.

I am imagining that most republicans are white and that most death row inmates are black and what’s it to do with a good old boy if some no good black boy gets strung up or whatever.

Wouldn’t it be funny if George Bush who presided over 152 executions in six years as Governor of Texas found himself on the wrong side of a capital offence? Considering the fact that he hid from service in Vietnam in the National Guard I somehow doubt the extent of his bravery.

He even executed mentally retarded black folk despite the fact that even the Pope in Rome pleaded with him for clemency. I seem to remember his quote at the time went something like this: “I prayed on the decision to grant clemency and decided to go ahead with the execution.” And him a supposed Christian and what was that that Jesus said hanging on the cross: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

Me personally I am so tired of the double standards and the double speak of republican politics.

Here’s the deal from a Republican perspective:

First being extreme right wing conservative the goal is to keep things as they are which translates in Republican back room politics to mean keep the rich,  rich and the poor, poor and keep the blacks in the ghettos where they belong. It is OK to give them food stamps and whatever but don’t by any means give them education and for gods sake don’t ever give them a hint of self esteem.

Secondly, talk of God a lot and we will divide and conquer the white working class. It really is so funny to hear a guy without a pot to piss in talking up his conservative republican ideals. Dude you are one pay check from the gutter and you have conservative ideals. Call the loony bin and get a white coat out here quick. If you are working poor and you vote Republican you have passed the stage of being brain dead and are now living in a deluded comatosed state.

Keeping with the Republican God spiel can you believe that Appalachia which is poorer that most third world countries votes Republican because they somehow believe that the Democrats have low moral values. Probably because Democrats don’t believe Gays should be melted down and recast as Christian martyr.

If Jesus was to walk into an American Airport at the moment he would be profiled as a mid eastern terrorist and denied entry. If he did somehow get into the US and opened his mouth he would instantly be branded a Communist. And seeing as he would most probably be black or Arab he would be sent to one of our inner city ghettos to live out a life of sublime poverty.

Now if he happened to find himself in Texas on the wrong side of a capital offense which is what happens to a lot of dirt poor ghetto dwellers in the great State of Texas he will be wasting his time asking George Bush for clemency? Sure didn’t his ambassador the Pope of Rome fail at that one already.

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The bigotry in this race almost has me unhinged…but I think all of us should become a little unhinged and take the argument to the streets. See “Republicans’ Bigotry Must Be Confronted” at http://thepoliticali.blogspot.com/2012/01/republicans-bigotry-must-be-confronted.html. While I recognize all the homophobic, anti-woman, anti-Mormon rhetoric that has been going on, the efforts to stir racial hatred have really set me off!

January 6th, 2012 at 7:25 pm

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