Scott Brown Magician or Fake

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The Electorate of Massachusetts bamboozled by Republican slight of tongue and lulled to sleep by Democratic lethargy went to the polls and elected Scott Brown to represent them in the US Senate seat formelry help by the venerable Ted Kennedy who incidentally has by now turned 4,337 times in his grave.

Scott navigated his way to the Senate masquerading as a man of the people in his working man barn coat and pick up truck boasting 200K miles. Not to mention the fact that he was a male model of sorts and you know how star struck we all are so it wasn’t really a fair fight to match him up against a failed litigator who had mellowed to senility as Attorney General of the People’s Republic.

Anyway to cut a long story short Scott of the people has done an incredible hulk on us and metamorphosed into Scott of the Street, Wall Street that is.

Turns out that rather than represent the puritans of the commonwealth as he was elected to, he has decided to go with the smell of money and represent the robber barons of Wall Street, yes the very thieves who where rewarded for their crimes against America with tarp money instead of the federal detention centers they so richly deserved.

Scott you are a cad, you lied your way to Washington and now that you are there you fully intend to do what all your cronies do, line you pockets against the oncoming financial famine you and the likes of you have set the American people up for.

They say the people get the government that they deserve but that was a long time ago. These days we get the government that the media tells us we need.

But then again if it was up to you would you choose to side with some stiff “masshole” just because he voted for you or Goldman Sachs with all their lovely money.

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