Stating the Obvious

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A cursory glance at most Nobel prizes reveals that they are awarded for stating the obvious. Admittedly the obvious that wins a Nobel prize is an obvious that was hiding in the glare of accepted knowing and as such was invisible to most people.

And isn’t that the way of it with the obvious. It is obvious that I am broke and that abundance seems to have a very large bone to pick with me, but because I am sitting in the objective chair and because I know everything there is to know about everything and myself in particular, I am totally absolutely completely blind to the obvious reason for my abundance-less existence.

There is a reason you know for everything and if that reason is clear then it is easy to alter the outcomes.

The reason your soup is tasteless is because you neglected to add salt, however if you are unaware of this you will eat tasteless soup and give yourself a headache going from solution to solution in a hopeless quest for a remedy to your tasteless soup existence.

You won’t get a Nobel prize for adding salt to soup, in fact the chances are that you won’t get a Nobel prize ever, and that is because you are more interested in finding reasons why the knowledge you already possess is total and complete and that stepping outside the box that contains your accepted opinions and beliefs is more frightening than swimming with a shoal of hungry white shark.

The reason I know so much about this malady is because you see I am that soldier. I am a veteran of many campaigns fought in the barren wastelands that form my miserable psyche.

Did you know that I had a mid life crisis, no, well I am still having it. I spoke to the people from the Guinness book of records, they want to put me and my crisis into their book. It doesn’t pay anything like a Nobel prize but then again I have gotten used having no paddles!

Back to you and your obvious problem which has you headbutting the wall. Acceptance is not only a stage in dying it is also a stage in the flow of life. Without acceptance an un-win-able war wages within, stalling and stifling any chance for movement.

Did you know that hope is based in movement and to state the obvious, hopelessness is based in non movement. What’s that they say about entropy and decay. And by movement I don’t mean hopping on the treadmill, the movement that carries hope dreams and aspirations soars within the spirit.

Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up, no, no, no, acceptation merely means accepting and moving on with the accepted entity in tow. It is still there, but because you have other more vibrant interests in the forefront of you mind to focus on you will focus less and less on your problem, and like a toothache that stops being a pain you forget about it.

The theory of entropy and decay merely states that that which stops moving decays. A problem that is focused on is a moving entity, whereas a problem that is not focused on ceases to be a moving entity and from the perspective of your psyche and quality of life enters the entropy and decay stage.

Any and all problems in your life are always based and rooted in accepted opinions and beliefs. The remedy which is totally and completely obvious lies hidden in the glare of these accepted opinions and beliefs.

There is no one truth, there are other ways, you merely do not want to accept this fact/truth and are therefore subject to flavorless soup for eternity or until the pain of believing what you want despite the mounting evidence to the contrary becomes more than you can continue to bear and you break into the bottomless pit of potential hope.

Letting go is the greatest remedy for the inner turbulence that rises from being stuck. Forgiveness, acceptance and letting go are the same verb spelled differently! They are the essential food that nurtures the spirit because they allow movement.

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