Supreme Court Gifts the USA to Corporate America

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In what I believe history will recall as the defining moment that handed the United States lock stock and barrel to Corporate America, the Supreme Court’s land mark decision handed down in a 183 page document dated January 21st 2010 basically states that to restrict Corporate America’s campaign donations would be a restriction of free speech granted to all Americans under the First Amendment to the Constitution.

I find it hard to believe that James Madison when writing the Bill of Rights had Corporations which are in reality a document filed with the secretary of state in mind.

Prior to this Supreme Court decision Corporations were limited to bribing our elected representatives with the aid of lobbyists to ensure that legislation was written in their favor.

This decision gives them a far more efficient weapon, the threat.

When your senator or congressman feels conscience bound to go against the lobbyists cash in favor of his constituents who elected him to office, all that will be required to change his mindset to fall in line with the Corporation is a simple question; “do you want to get reelected.”

This Supreme Court decision gives Corporate America the tool to decide who is elected and more importantly who is not.

Anyone who does not believes that the first and probably only requirement for election to government in media controlled America is Money is most probably sucking on a Prozac and watching Paris Hilton pumping gas.

While the tenet money maket the man might not always be true, when it is applied to politics it is always true, money maket the politician is absolute.

It is interesting to note that few if any media outlet or newspaper ran this story. The reasoning being that either like China they believe that while freedom of speech might be a good thing, freedom of information is for the birds and not good for bottom lines. Or perhaps they believed that that the vast majority of Americans are so wrapped up in the latest screening of Jersey Shore that the mere utterance of the words Supreme Court Decision would send their ratings to hell and beyond.

Why is it that so few people seem to care that the Supreme Court has virtually ceded the governance of this once great country into Corporate control.

Can Americans not try to multi task and get mad at the direction the Supreme Court is sending their Country, their future and the vaulted American Dream while eating a tub of chocolate chip and watching American Idol.

For the conspiracy theorists who have been ranting on re Jekyll Island since 1910 the ship has finally come to harbor. And if you are worried about illegal aliens then all your fears have been founded because a life form that is definitely not human has finally emerged as ruler of Earth.

The plan is simple:

  1. Corporations chose who they want in the White House, in Congress and in the Senate.
  2. They fund their campaigns to whatever level is necessary to ensure their election.
  3. They ensure complicity with corporate goals with the simple threat of reelection.

And at least in the virtual fantasy world of Corporate Ville they will live happily ever after.

You have been warned, but as the great one once said what good is it to shout “look out” at a deaf man. And man does it appear that America is deaf.

As a foot note I would add that anyone brave enough to peer above the parapet of opinion and propaganda has long know that Capital Hill is rotten to the core.

However the sheer disbelief that an institution as venerable and as central to our democracy as the United Stares Supreme Court could interpret the Bill of Rights as applying to Corporations can only be interpreted by the gutter English phrase “they were bought.

Perhaps the Saviour has not yet returned to walk amongst us but Judas it appears has.

The five Supreme Court Justices who voted to hand the governance of the America People into Corporate control deserve a fate far worst than Benedict Arnold.

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