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Let He Who Has Not

   Posted by: chris    in Fish Talk

let he who has notSometimes I wonder if there is any realness to what happened yesterday or last year or if those events are merely figmanets of a very fertile imagined now.

With this in mind and not knowing if any of the comments in the bible attributed th Jesus were actually made by him and/or if the man ever existed at all.

I used to be a christian, I know a lot about the bible, I know a lot about Jesus and to be totally honest I have never come across a word attributed to him that I did not totally and completely agree with.

The reality of my lost religion is that my argument is not with Jesus but with so called Christians and Christianity.

It appears that those who claim to act in Jesus’s name and follow in his footsteps are really disciples of the “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” Old Testament.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you makes it apparent that successive Governs of Texas have a death wish for themselves not to mention half the Jurors of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, a country which I have the curious pride to call home.

Love God and love thy neighbour as thyself according to the will of God, neighbour in this context is not the person who lives next door but your fellow man/woman.

It is really funny/amazing that the love that emanates from human people runs directly inversely proportionate to their self professed christian ideals.

You only have to look to the Christian Right who are intent on wrecking any semblance of social assistance in our country to realize that Christianity is so much more about judgement and sanction than love, and to think Jesus preached love, it was his core message, his only ideal.

Not alone are they ready willing and able to sentence you to everlasting hell-fire for minor digressions but here in the land of the living they are hell bent on making sure that you live up to their ideals/opinions/beliefs, which coincidentally are totally non-Christian.

I too am human, I am a man, who found myself here, wide awake and middle aged through no fault or desire of my own. I did not petition or ask God to make me who or what I appear to be. I who am labeled a creature of choice am choice-less in what I am.

God has a lot to answer for and I for one am looking forward to his excuse/explanation when we finally come face to face.

Or  perhaps, just perhaps, Jesus is right and all the Christians are wrong and love is all that matters and George Bush and Governor Perry and the Tea Party and the Justices of the Supreme court have lost the plot and a very angry Jesus who is really mad and can’t take anymore horrors perpetrated by would be followers in his name will have some awkward questions for  them on judgement day.

Let he who has not sinned throw the first stone.

So unless you are blemish free just shut the fuck up and let the rest of us get on with living out our lives as best we can in freedom, free from judgement, free from being required to measure up to your opinions.

After all just like me you too have sinned.

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