Teaching Your Kids to be Poor

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Are you Teaching your Children to be Poor

Imagine if you can that you are a Chinese gentleman who has taken it upon yourself to teach your children to speak Italian with sufficient proficiency to allow them to be at home in Italy and prosper there. However there is one minor annoying detail in your carefully crafted plan. You don’t have a single word of Italian within your repertoire.

So after many years of your masterful teaching your children venture out into the great land of Italy to make their fortune and immediately fall flat on their stupid very un Italian asses. They are decimated, depressed and find themselves wandering about in a foggy abyss, why does nothing work out for me they wonder, am I so different, and as we all know the words that occupy our minds tend to define us and so the Chinese mans kids metamorphose into dreamless servile creatures, the perfect resource to their betters, the fluent speaking Italian classes.

Are you teaching your children to be poor? Chances are that if you are poor then despite your best intentions you are instructing your offspring in the art of poverty.

It really is only basic logic that if rich people teach their children to be rich then it must follow that poor people teach their children to be poor.

And if you are one of the supposedly lucky middle class who inhabit our oh so abundant planet then you are teaching your kids to be middle class.

It’s not your fault, you are not a bad parent, you are merely observing the nature of status quo and acting out as you have been conditioned to act.

The only remedy available to you other than the lottery is to carefully observe your actions and the thoughts that drive them in an attempt to uncover the pre installed virus that has been installed into your super computer (brain) to sabotage you hopes dreams and aspirations and render you useful to the Italians.

Knowing why you are happy to remain poor and servile and why you are teaching your kids to follow in your footsteps might not change your status as bottom feeder on a planet where you are designed to be top of the food chain, however the mere understanding of your affliction might make your daily dose of humble pie easier to swallow.

Oh! And have a nice day now.

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