Thank you God!! But No Thanks!!

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When I think of all the bigoted born again Christians like the G-man Bush and the Muslim  martyrs screwing every virgin this side of eternity not to mention the pious Jews who after apprenticing in Holocaust solutions at the hands of the Nazi have decided to go into private practice against the Palestine people whose lands they occupy (I guess there was no registry of deeds in Palestine hence the ability of the Jewish front to claim squatters rights).

Anyway I have decided that since the groups named above are clearly Gods people, or so they tell me.

And since I really have no time for them and would not be caught dead socializing with them here or in the next life, that I am left with no choice but to RSVP in the negative to any invitation from God to heaven!!

I mean really would you want to spend eternity in a the same neighborhood as George Bush and his fellow zealots. Doesn’t Benjamin Netanyahu remind you of a Gestapo officer. And for fear of someone flying a jumbo jet into my shit box in Scituate I will refrain from naming and shaming in that direction.

So thank you God but no thanks- I will not be taking you up on your kind invitation to spend eternity with you in Heaven, no I would far rather the other option whatever that is just as long as I can mingle with the people who didn’t care to judge.

Oh!! and by the way just in case you didn’t know an opinion is a judgment, just like a belief!

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