The American Class System or Who’s Your Daddy

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Politics is the art of keeping people with money happy by doing exactly what the want while at the same time deluding everyone else into believing that you are doing the very best you can for them.

Just like juggling politics becomes very easy once you train yourself to look at people as objects to be manipulated and managed in any fashion that suits your act. In the political juggling world the proletariat are juggled while the bourgeoisie who are the audience watch the show.

The fact that the average person dearly wants to believe that they matter is also very helpful. This produces the very useful syndrome of compliance sometimes referred to as patriotism. This allows the politician to err so much on the side of wealth and keep the rest of us in line with rhetoric like freedom, American dream, democracy and constitution.

Democracy is always one that cracks me up, did someone say government of the people by the people. It takes like $200 million to be elected president and the masses swallow this one. Democracy 2000 style is government of the people by the wealthy or the candidate bought and paid for by the wealthy. You as a citizen get to vote for whoever your betters decide to put on the ballot.

Then there is the all time winner freedom. The only freedom in philosophical terms is death. This translates into if you are prepared to die then you can do what you want.
In our society freedom translates into you are free to do as you are let. For those who take freedom literally we have a place called jail.

The constitution is the foundation of the state. It is like a blueprint on which the future state would be built. Foundations are not meant to be changed, if you try altering the foundation of a high rise building chances are that it will collapse and at the moment America certainly is wobbling. True our foundation is not changed all that often. But when it is changed it is always to the detriment of the masses and for the benefit of capital.

So if the American dream is wealth based, is it not fair to say that the average American is experiencing a nightmare.

The reality of capital is that for it to be any good you need a lot of it. Therefore a capitalistic system must be designed to allow individuals to gather vast amounts of capital. The result of this imbalance is naturally that vast amounts of US citizens must have very little capital. In typical pyramid fashion the vast masses of poor support the very few wealthy.

This is allowed to happen because people are stupid and would believe any cock and bull story fed to them by people who they dearly want to believe have their best interests at heart. Most people are still looking for a mummy and daddy to take care of them.

Wake up dude the coffee is ready. The American dream is for the few but we do have a perfectly good nightmare for you.

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