The Big But Theory

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Big But Theory

Imagine if you had a massive nuclear device enclosed within an impregnable container completely sealed against any escape and your denoted this massive bomb, what do you think would happen. Well nothing would happen outside the nuclear enclosure because the explosion could not escape and spew its matter into the space outside the enclosed chamber.

Even the word theory suggests that science is best guessing

So at the time of the big bang there was this tightly compressed thing that for some reason decided to explode into being creating the expanding universe that we now exist within and are part of.

If the big bang theory is accepted and eventually proven correct it only explains the creation of matter. It would be far better named the big bang theory of matter.

Where did the space come from?

So we are willing to accept that some time billions of years ago there was a compressed thing that exploded into the universe we now call home. The question remains where did the space that our universe is exploding and expanding into come from.

Did/does space predate the big bang? Was space always or did the big bang like a PC come with space pre installed. I don’t know, do you?

Science believes what suits its theories.

Doesn’t it sometimes seem that science is ready willing and able to believe any old garbage that suits what it wants to believe while at the same time discounting if not totally ignoring glaring holes that are screaming “but”

The Big But Theory

The big but theory simply states that if space predates the universe created by the big bang theory then space is possibly eternal while matter is time bound and in passing.

Also there is the probable possibility that space prior to the big bang was populated by matter/ material that was not in any way related to the stuff created by the big bang.


In conclusion we must arrive at the conclusion that like any explosion the big bang will finally run out of propellant and fall to wherever big bangs fall leaving space untouched and unmarked by the one time fart that invaded its pristine presence.

Yes there it is the universe including our illustrious selves is nothing more than an inconvenient bad mannered unwelcomed intrusion into space accompanied by an unfortunate symptom or side effect which creates a illusion sometimes referred to as time. Matter x Distance

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