The Dow is Not The Economy

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stock marketMost people have their heads buried is a damp dark place sometimes refereed to as their ass so therefore they come to believe the most unbelievable stuff/shit.

The Dow Jones Index is not the economy nor is it a measure of the economy. so while the Dow gyrates up and down by a few hundred points in a session the economy stays flat because it is flat period, no double dip here just a severe dip that we are still experiencing.

The Dow Jones Index is an average of the stock price of 30 very large mostly blue chip corporations.

Mostly these companies are in great shape so therefore the Dow should be doing really good however there in very little rationality in fear and when most of the nation is one pay check from pennyless fear is pervasive.

I would advise anyone who has money to buy the stock of good company while fear has artifically deflated it, keep in mind that I own no stock and have no knowledge of the markets other than watching Squawk Box on cnbc.

However I do have a lot of experience in having no money and I have found that it can be a bummer, so do your very best to always have access to tons of folding money.

Imagine being stupid enough to pay $1800 for an ounce of gold, of course if you are buying at $1800 to sell it to someone even more stupid for a profit I guess that makes youa trader.

The moral of the story is that the markets are for wolves and most every9one is a sheep.

So if you fit into the sheep category remember that the market is a casino where you risk money you don’t need. On the other hand you live in a real world were people breath and eat and interact, it is called an economy.

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The stock market is a market of stocks..regular folks would have done well buying shares in companies they know starbucks, panera, apple even netflix.

January 2nd, 2012 at 10:31 pm

The stock market is forward looking. It often begins rising before good times and comes crashing down in good times. Right now it is anticipating an Obama loss in November.

January 8th, 2012 at 5:50 pm

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