The Economic Swamp of Inflation

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I imagine most people would admit that the earth is limited to the earth and also that numbers are unlimited.

Taking the above two concepts (a) a limited supply and (b) and unlimited counting system, then the only way to keep the supply side burning is inflation, or charge more and more and more.

If one where to shout stop and take a reckoning, count everything and record the numbers and then press the start button and continue for a generation or two and shout stop again and do the numbers again what you will find that the stuff is basically still the same but the numbers have inflated dramatically.

What this means is that we are not in a recession, in reality there is no recession, there is merely re balancing of expectations on the side of those who for some reason believed the myth of fairness and equity in the system.

They used to say if you want justice don’t go to a court well if you want fairness don’t expect it from capitalism, or from the form of capitalism that is practiced by corporate types.

In reality we don’t have a democracy so it doesn’t really matter what system the media tells us we have.

Capitalism is supposed to mean that anyone can make as much money as they are capable of making whereas communism ans socialism supposedly mean that everyone gets a similar slice of the pie.

A cursory look at the last few hundred years of history should tell you that all the ism’s are lying. There are the privileged and the non privileged, period – and make no mistake, the privileged are doing everything in their power to ensure that they stay privileged and that the status quo applies to the unprivileged, or that the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

All men are born equal but if your daddy is filthy rich you get to go to the best schools and mix with the best people and we still spurt the same old crap of land of opportunity and freedom.

If you are born to a single parent and forced by your state to grow up in a ghetto then believe me my friend you will find that your opportunities are limited.

Therefore all rhetoric is limiting and should come with a Government health warning!

It’s like speaking non reality into existence, America isn’t, never was and never will be the land of the free. Didn’t you know jails where invented to put people who think they are free.

You are free to do as you are allowed, but think for a moment, who made the rules, who set the limitations. In this land of one man one vote who decides what law should be law.

If you don’t believe that legislation is enacted by he who makes the largest campaign contribution then stop reading and go take your prozac.

An economy in its simplest form is a group of people coexisting and interacting. When a state of unbalance is reached in an economy where some of the people who form the economy cannot afford to live in the economy which they are part of then the economy is doomed.

There are two options, painful re-balancing or destruction.

It appears that we are going through a period of painful re-balancing of the expectations of the proletariat. Yes my friend more can really be less as in there has never been more but most of us must do with less!!

Examples of periods of destruction are pre WW2 Germany and Revolutionary France.

Lets print some money and get on with the business of making more from less! But remember this can only be allowed happen after the middle classes stop whining and take their medicine.

Know your betters and defer to them!



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