The Economies of Markets

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follow your heartYou do know what happens to apples when there are perfect growing conditions and the harvest is excellent. The market price drops. Top quality apples in abundance and nobody wants most of them.

There is an inverse relationship between supply and demand. When there is a surplus demand drops and with it prices plummet south, however when there is insufficient quantity to meet market needs demand rises and with it prices.

This inverse relationship between supply, demand and market price holds for all commodities and resources from pork bellies to tea.

Most people mistakenly believe that they have never traded a commodity, this is because we as people don’t view people as a commodity.

Regardless of how you see yourself the reality of the economies of the West is that people are a resource and are treated no differently than pork bellies.

When demand is high prices are high when demand slips prices fall, sometimes the level of demand for the human resource is so low that there are no bidders/buyers and the resource goes unused or unwanted commonly refereed to as unemployment.

With the economies of the world slowly merging into one vast global economy containing billions of people all vying for a limited quantity of jobs the smart money is on the value added method.

Too many apples then make cider or toffee apples, too many people than offer something that is not being offered by the vast herd.

How do you add value to a person, the simple answer is knowledge, not necessarily education but the ability to do something that not everyone is able to do.

The route to setting yourself apart from the crowd begins with education, the very best education you can afford. The sad reality of corporate life is that there is a huge advantage attached to a tag like Harvard or Yale even for lesser candidates.

When you have landed a job try to remember that you are not working for money but rather you have committed yourself to carry out some task to the ultimate of your abilities.

The vast, vast majority of people work for money, their only reason for rising in the morning and going to work is a paycheck. These people to use a race horse analogy are the “also rans” of life.

The winners in the game of life are always those who do something for the achievement of that something, money is merely a reward that must follow achievement, it has no choice, for that is the way of the universe.

A rose does not bloom to be admired or loved, it blooms because it is it’s nature.

What is your nature, follow your heart and you will find your reward! This is the best way to set yourself apart.

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