The Federal Reserve is a For Profit Business

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The Federal Reserve is a For Profit Business

The sole purpose for Bank of America’s existence is to make money. This is the only reason that this vaulted corporation opens its doors for business in the morning.

You might think that Bank of America’s purpose is to serve its customers but the reality is that serving its customers comes a distant second to making money in Bank of Americas list of priorities. The painful reality is that if Bank of America fails to make money then it’s valued customers will have to find somewhere else to put their money.

The sole purpose for Wells Fargo existence is also to make money as it is for all banks and all private companies.

The sole purpose for the existence of the Federal Reserve System, just like all private companies is to make money. You do know that the Federal Reserve System is a private for profit body don’t you. This maxim holds for the Federal Reserve System both figuratively and literally.

Now you might think that the reason that the Federal Reserve exists is to regulate the money supply for the benefit of the American people. Regulation the money supply alas comes in a distant second to making a profit in the Feds world view.

This fact is so overwhelming that it is easier for the masses to overlook it an hope that it goes away than it is to try to digest the enormity of it.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 brought the Federal Reserve System into being.

It is worth noting that coincidentally the Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was also ratified in 1913 bringing Income Tax into existence.

It is also worth noting that almost every dime of income tax drained from the American work force goes to pay interest payments to the Federal Reserve System.

The process is simple.

The Us Government requires one million dollars.

The Us Government creates a United States Bond in the amount of one million dollars at an interest rate of say 4% for a period of 10 years.

The US government sends this bond to the Federal Reserve System who immediately creates 1 million dollars and sends it to the United States Government.

Every year the Unites States Government sends the Federal Reserve System a check for $40,000.00 representing a 4% interest payment on the 1 million dollar US Bond

This $40,000.00 comes directly from income taxes collected from the American People.

Note. The Federal Reserve System does not actually lend the United States Government its own money. Rather it simply creates the money out of thin air in response to the United States Bond.

The money is created by debt and backed by debt. Without debt there would not be a single US Dollar in existence.

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