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the road to truthDo you ever watch Squawk Box, I do, it is like a Wall Street talk/reality show. You do know that most talk shows and all reality shows are scripted to meet the expectations of their audience, how else do you think they could sell advertising.

Anyway on the Squawk this morning they where going on and on about entitlements and how the economy is in tatters because of the gimme crowd which I believe they believe are the demographic of the Democrats.

There is however as in skinning cats more than one way to look at entitlements. There is the expectation of a person who worked and paid into the system all their life that there would be something in the kitty to pay their living and medical expenses in their old age.

There is also the expectation that because we live in a democratic capitalism there is the entitlement to make some money.

And I do wonder which entitlements the entitlement basher’s are referring to.

It’s like an old fashioned boxing match with the “gimme crowd” in the blue corned and the “I’m taking it anyway crowd” in the red corner, and the economy in the middle fighting for it’s life.

A noted economist proclaimed that Wall St is not the economy and the economy is not Wall St, and what the Wall St crowd don’t seem to get is that for one person to be absurdly wealthy, many people must be absurdly poor.

And to be honest I don’t have an issue with wealth or poverty, my issue and my whole reason for writing is perception.

If people are aware of a condition but purposely mislead in an attempt to manipulate their prey that is fine, good, OK even, but when people swallow the manipulated mistruth hook line and sinker merely because they are too lazy to think, then I am mad as hell and I really don’t want to take it anymore!

The reality is that although most people possess average intelligence they are totally and completely stupid.

There was a time when money meant a great deal to me and it’s pursuit was paramount, now that I am ancient I have come to realize that money is only good for paying bills and buying stuff. It doesn’t and can never fill the vast parched void within or soothe the howling demon who demands  face to face talks with you, you know the one you have been avoiding all these years.

Self medicating and denial will only get you so far, eventually usually at 2 am you will be forced to acknowledge him/her and it may not be a pretty sight. You have after all been such a dick wad for so, so long.

I read in a book last night that if you are not enough before you make a million then you will not be enough after.

What most economist, Tea partiers, conservatives, and Wall St types don’t seem to get, is that the economy is all the people, and just like a human body if one part is unwell then the whole is unwell.

And it beats me how they expect the economy to grow when 75% of it is struggling to just keep its proverbial head above water.

So you work for 8 bucks and hour, pay your rent and utilities and even manage to buy some processed food and then you are expected to fuel the engine that pushes the economy.

Is it rocket science or are most economist stupid or is it all really about rhetoric spewed in hope of quelling the sleeping bear.

So for all the would be financial geniuses out there let me lay it out in plain American English.

The economy in the US is screwed because the vast majority of the people who make up the economy can’t afford to live in it, and to be honest the US Government can’t afford to live in it.

Economics is really simple, someone has something to sell and someone wants to buy it. If there is a lot of people wanting to buy prices rise, if no one wants to buy prices fall until a buyer emerges or the seller decides not to sell.

To buy an item you need to have access to the price of the item. America is broke and can’t afford to buy.

The government can raise the limit on its credit card and keep on spending but the broken middle classes are limited to their debt ceiling, their only option is to try and stay afloat until the unbalanced economy rights itself.

A double dip hints at a revival and re-slump. The revival was hype by Wall Street to suck in some money from  the unwary. This recession is in it’s 5th year with no sign of abatement and our commander in chief is lost, not unlike Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

I don’t have a Republican bone in my body but I have come to a place where I am willing to put up with 4 years of a Republican White House to get rid of Obama, really he was not up for the job and to be truthful we have now had a De facto 3 term Republican Presidency.

Electing Obama was akin to selecting a surgeon fresh out of medical school to perform a once in a century surgery, he looked good and sounded good but had no experience and in reality knew nothing.

The post George Bush economy needed an exceptional politician with a titanium spine (I stole this from Michele Bachmann), not a one term Senator with charisma and a dream of Republican validation.

If we as a nation are not to become a vague memory a “didn’t you used to be someone” joke we need to realize that we are in a war zone and that we are all in this together, rich, poor, entitled by promise and entitled by creed.

Remember that the alpha beggar in all this,  is our Government, We the People, Us, what we are!



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The poor did well under Reagan..a rising tide lifts all boats. Romney will grow the economy with no golf short cheap vacations and hard work. Social Security is not a GImme entitlement ..workers put hard earned money into it…

September 8th, 2012 at 7:13 pm

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