The Imminent Demise of Money

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The Imminent Demise of Money

Consider this:

In the eighteen hundreds it was possible to go to a property closing with cash in the form of gold coins and buy a property. In the vaulted financial present if you arrive at a closing with 5 million in cash to buy a nice condo in downtown Manhattan the closing attorney if he doesn’t call the cops will ask you to go to your bank and return with certified funds. Chances are that few if any banks will accept a brown paper parcel containing 5 million as a deposit without at least informing the IRS who will undoubtedly want to know the origins of the cash. The realities of modern day financial life is that cash in large quantities carries a criminal stigma and like leprosy is to be avoided at all costs and believe me one day it will be clear that this cost will be great.

In today’s economy cash money is reserved for the purchase of small cap items like coffee or a sandwich or items that we don’t want traced back to us like hookers, strip clubs and gambling. For most other items we use plastic or check, which are basically the manipulations of ledger entries.

Money in today’s economy is a ledger entry. A person’s wealth is based on the amount of zeros to the right of real numbers in their ledger entry. And when the price of a cup of coffee reaches $100 dollars and renders cash money redundant then we will have reached the era of total ledger entry exclusivity and trigger the era of total control of our everyday activities by the financial institutions. Everything your buy, every cent you spend will be as the result of ledger manipulation, i.e. some of your ledger entry balance being transferred to someone else’s ledger entry balance.

The main reason that the first pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock in the year of our Lord 1620 was the possibility of owning property, religion was the last thing on their mind. In the old country ones birth status decreed ones access to property rights. What this means is that no pleb (which was old fashioned term for middle and lower class) was allowed to own property. Rather their role in life was to work their rear off for the master in return for a meager lodgings and starvation rations. And you wonder why they just didn’t eat cake.

Now in the year of our lord 2009 most people who think they own property are actually and in fact renting from modern day royalty in the form of financial institutions. Here’s a little test; stop working off your rear end and sending the vast majority of your earnings to the actual owner in the form of mortgage payments and see how long your occupancy continues. A home owner is someone who has an unencumbered deed. Everyone else is renting.

The transition from pre financial royalty to modern financial royalty is almost a fate accomplice. Soon inflation will render cash money obsolete and all transactions will be in the form of ledger entries. What good will it do a man to work under the table when the table has no legs to support his dirty dealings. What good will it do a man to deal drugs when his every action is reflected by his payment method. Think of it! Can I have a bag of joints please, sure, how are you paying; visa, master card, American express, check. We will be back to the barter system. You wire my house and I will plumb yours only you will find there will be a law against barter if there isn’t one already.

The whole idea behind a cashless world is control of the masses and the installation of a guillotine proof privileged class. Let the plebs labor under the illusion of equality, democracy and the American dream while the privileged few labor under the reality of inequality while choosing who the masses will elect to oversee the proliferation of the American nightmare that cements and ensures their privilege.

It really is simple even if it took me a lifetime to figure out.


  1. Royalty and monarchy are merely old fashioned words for privileged class.
  2. In times passed birthright decreed ones place within society. If you dad was king chances are that you too would be king. This structure was upheld by the power of law just as property rights today are protected by the power of law. This might appear on the surface to be a good thing except that for the average mortal property rights don’t apply because their ledger balance has decreed that they are not entitled to own property. They are however free to live with the illusion of ownership and rent in the form of mortgage but ownership other than by delusion is not a viable option.
  3. In more modern times if your dad just happens to be George Bush chances are that you too, as well, also, regardless of grey matter count will attend Yale, achieve hero status in the National Guard and legislate over the rights to life of the retarded.

It is Sunday morning and being a fully paid up member of the servile class duty calls in the form of a truck repair that I cannot find a mechanic to barter fix so I must do it myself. And I know that although this ledger balance notion is clear in my formidable grey matter I have not done an admirable job in committing it to paper. Just like Tantalus I cannot reach the fruit of my intellect and though I stand in water I thirst.

Anyway last night on the Tim McCarver show I heard this quote from legendary Vikings quarter back and hall of famer Fran Tarkenton and I quote: A fool with a plan is better than a genius without one. And if you want proof just ask Nathan Red Shield, you mean you don’t know who you king is. As with the origins of the species all things earthly must evolve and so it was that red shield became Rothschild and as any ledger entry worth its salt will tell you, it owes everything to Nathan.

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