The King of Capitalism

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The only difference between a monarchy or dictatorship and a democracy, be it capitalism, socialism, or communism is that in a monarchy privilege is an entitlement handed out, whereas in a democracy privilege is there for the taking by whoever is most determined to have it.

So why is it that so few are vying for the title of king of capitalism, the simple answer to this very pertinent question is conditioning.

Conditioning is the the watering down or the natural tendency of the human animal to be a psychopath. In truth all creatures which must thrive  and survive on planet earth are psychopaths, there is no other form of existence, an animal is either a psychopath or it goes extinct.

However we as humans have found that it is possible by directing our psychopathic tendencies towards other creatures, to establish a thriving society where the words sociopath and psychopath are shunned and preserved for the most heinous of our kind (who in most cases are the most successful of our kind within the realm of society).

However the true nature of humans is to be psychopaths and to be a king you must be a wolf in sheep’s clothing type of psychopath, that is a say one thing and do another thing person or rather have the vast hordes of the conditioned believe what you are saying and not pay too much attention to what you are actually doing.

However the number one requirement for a kingship in capitalism is a good and sufficient supply of suitably conditioned morons (people who believe any old crap from the mouth of a superior, by superior I mean a parent a peer, a church a government, a television program, a radio program, a newspaper, twitter, facebook, a boss, a banker, a novel, a movie, someone on a reality show, etc).

The main rhetoric of conditioning is that we are all equal, God loves us all equally, the Constitution grants us all equal protection, the State is there to ensure that the Constitution is observed, and if you believe this crap you are doomed to a life of servitude, kissing the ass of your betters , the more privileged and their offspring, who for the best part did not swallow conditioning to the extent you did.

Take Justice for instance, most people who have never been in a court room think that justice is blind to everything but truth. This statement would be true if money were truth, for in truth the Court system is blind to everything but money.

Access to Justice is directly proportional to access to money, this statement is beyond reproach and is the most true thing you will read in relation to Justice as it pertains to the Courts.

Someone once said if you want justice don’t go looking for it in a court of law.

Then there’s education and you only have to mention that George Bush graduated from Yale which prides itself on being an Ivy League institution to know that equality in education is a laugh till your belly hurts joke.

The cynical reader might be inclined to draw the conclusion that I am a dyed in the wool commie, but nothing could be further form the truth. I love money, I love capitalism, I love the criminal justice system, I love everything about this United States.

My problem is with conditioning and the ability of the proletariat to believe absolutely anything and everything regardless of truth.

The tea party wants less government, except that it wants to increase the army and homeland security and the police and increase the war on crime and illegal immigration and give me a break, can you believe what these people are saying and the contradictions they are apparently believing.

My only advice to the average American experiencing sleep deprivation due to the American Dream turned nightmare is to take a pragmatic approach and instead of deciding whether the glass is half full or half empty based on the rhetoric of your guru, try looking at the glass yourself and guesstimating the actual quantity of liquid it contains.

Little is as it appears or seems, George Bushes press officer once said and I quote him directly: “We speak reality into existence”, therefore most of what you are believing to be true is actually false and woven into existence to manipulate you into doing that which enables someone to become a king, a King of Capitalism.

But remember that these kingship’s are up for grabs and all that is keeping you from being a candidate is the rhetoric you are willing to accept as truth. Rhetoric that ensures you and your kind will feast on crumbs and live unhappily ever after!

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The tea party wants an army just strong enough to secure peace…not big fans of big sis and homeland security which came into being only because the feds thought airline passengers needed. Box cutters on one hour flights.

January 2nd, 2012 at 2:59 am

Adam Smith King of capitalism…my dad was plumber and not a psychopathic.

January 2nd, 2012 at 10:41 pm

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