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We who live in the so called cradle of freedom and democracy owe our good fortune to the foresight of our founding fathers and their enshrining document the Constitution of the United States.

Regardless of what Presidents, Governors, Congress or the Senate may care to think or believe we as Americans are primarily the Constitution, America as a notion is nothing if not the Constitution.

We have a Justice System which the Constitution mandated and the third branch of government alongside the senate and congress, and while the Senate and Congress have long been dominated by the Lobbyist System the Judicial System is dominated by the Legal System.

The Constitution of the United States was written with the People in mind and with the good and continual growth of the Nation. It was written to protect and defend against the power of money and privilege.

It is obvious to the casual observer that all three (3) branches of government mandated by the Constitution have long been controlled and manipulated by the minorities the founding fathers so feared.

The Judicial system is/was supposed to oversee ethics, freedoms and justice and with the support of rhetoric and media it appears to carry out this vital task. However within this America, this haven of capitalism there is a Legal System which so dominates the Judicial System as to render it a mere appearance.

While there may be Court Houses and Judges, Clerks and Plaintiffs and Defendants offering the appearance of a functioning Judicial System, this is a mere facade which Wizard of Oz like hides the true realities of justice in America from the American People.

In reality the Judicial System is a Legal System owned and operated by Attorneys and the Money for which they perform. If you want justice don’t look  for it in a Court Room.

When was the last Millionaire executed, when did the last wrongly accused poor Black Man get a fair trial.

The difference between the Millionaire and the Poor Black Man is Money.

The best way to get your fair share of Justice in America is to Pay for it. Within the bastions of Justice in America Money talks loudest. If you can afford to hire the best legal team you will win. Note I didn’t say you will have a better chance of winning I said you will win.

Justice in America is in direct proportion to the Legal Professionals arguing the Case. The best Legal Professionals command very high fees, if you can’t afford to pay you can’t win, period.

And this brings us to the crux of the matter, cases are argued. Justice is not based on evidence, rather it is based on the argument offered by the attorney. What has evidence to do with Justice in a Judicial System that is controlled by a Legal System that is run for the monetary enhancement of  Attorneys.

It is supposed to be a Judicial System, the Constitution mandated it, yet it has deteriorated into Legal System designed only to make Attorneys rich.

The essence at the base of a Judicial System is ethics, without ethics in a system that depends on trust and good will from the population the groundwork for anarchy and chaos is laid.

The Legal System is a win at any cost system where Justice and Ethics have no place whatsoever.

How can an attorney vigorously defend a person they know to be guilty if they believe in Ethics and Justice. I am not talking about Law School Ethics, rather I am relating to Human Ethics which I believe are the basics of the Constitution of the United States of America, a Constitution which makes us great and stand out as a Nation.

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