The Lost Minority

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The lost minority is sitting in a basement somewhere thinking Et tu Brute, and its not because they have been let down by the economy or one political party or the other, its not even because they have been let down by their parents rather it is because they are waking up to the realization that society was not framed with them in mind.

All is fair in love and war and society as it is framed by capitalism is an individual against individual war. Humans are a pack animal, it is who and what we are. We are genetically created to form small mutual interest groupings, yet the basic tenet of capitalism is competition on an individual level.

Capitalism at its base is individualism, the base belief that a person has the right to be the most that they can be based on their talents both genetic and learned. This is the very ideal which created the illusion of the American Dream. I say illusion of the American dream because one mans dream necessitates another mans nightmare.

And while the aspirations of the capitalistic ideal may appear to be a good thing, the fly in the ointment is that the basic human instinct of tribe is not catered for in a system based on competition at the individual level which basically pits brother against brother.

We live quite literally in a sick culture, depression and mental issues are the order of the day, an inability to cope while prevalent is viewed as the mark of a loser best swept under the rug and denied at all cost, barely getting by is accepted as the norm, a type of true grit that makes us all the more American.

Yet within the confines of American society there is a total lack of love, of acceptance, of humanity, of empathy, of the JFK and Jesus moral What can I do for my country, for my fellow man.

We are a “whats in it for me” nation failing to see the underline universal law that giving precedes getting, and in truth in a totally abundant scenario giving is all there is.

Ask the simple question where did the sun or the tree or the oceans come from, they where given to us, freely and without terms or conditions, yet we who have received freely cherish the conservative ideal of not sharing.

Remember that America is nothing if not all of its people. Surely if the children of the privileged are entitled to a college education then so too are the children of the poor. Some would have us believe that an education is a privilege and not a right and on that stump I proclaim my case.

There is very little difference between the trajectory of capitalism in general but America in particular and the monarchy system which has all but disappeared except in the homeland of capitalism England.

It is basic insanity to expect to receive that which you are unwilling to give, and while our greatest need as humans is to be valued and wanted, to be loved and accepted, our willingness to value and accept our fellow man is not apparent in our daily action or the rhetoric of our leaders both political and religious.


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In America more so than in any other country, just about anyone can go to college who wants to regardless of money. In fact far too many go to college that should not rather than go to a trade school to become useful. Conservatives are known to give generously to charity.

March 15th, 2012 at 5:08 pm

No system on earth has produced more life saving drugs more wealth to the middle class better technology better universities better books better music etc than capitalism.

June 5th, 2012 at 12:22 am

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