The Philosophy of Philosophy

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You are born, you are here, you are no one, desperately trying to be someone, your only friend (fear) is also your only enemy, so whats a guy to do!

Someone God or whoever decided to create this rock of bliss we lovingly call Earth and then infest it with creatures that must consume other living creatures in order to survive, kinda like a super sized Colosseum where the protagonists fight like crazy to survive for the entertainment of others.

The reality of life on earth is that we are all animals, at least. Human being is merely a species of animal. Now that you understand that you are merely an animal trying to survive in a hostile environment where everything else views you as dinner perhaps you can put your stupid opinions to one side and rationally consider what philosophy really is.

I tend to be a liberal or is this merely some deluded opinion I have of myself, for some reason most of my readership is the opposite to liberal and only read to hate and that is OK too.

So what is a liberal; someone who thinks the earth would be a far better place if the “must consume” condition had not of been activated by the creator.

In our society the opposite of liberal is deemed to be conservative, a conservative is someone who is intent only on playing hard by the imposed condition eat or be eaten.

So here is what we are up against:

  • There are conditions like eat or be eaten, over which we as mere animals have no control.
  • There are instincts like the drive to procreate, over which we have little control.
  • There are emotions like anger, hate, etc which stem from fear, over which a non conscious being has little control, and believe it or not most of us never even for a moment actually awaken and become aware of who or what we really are.
  • Then there are aspirations, which are not goals but rather stem from our unique ability to feel for other living things.

Philosophy is a large word,  my son calls it an SAT word, however a philosophy turns out to be nothing more than an accepted belief system.

Did you know that beliefs are merely opinions, neither of which are based on any provable truth, so for all intent and purpose your philosophy, beliefs and opinions are nothing more than lies you choose to accept as truths, in an attempt to form an identity.

You willingly believe non truths because it is easier than the alternative.

The alternative is that you are a mere animal struggling to survive in a hostile environment with the curse of higher intelligence. A set of conditions and circumstances you never asked for but unfortunately these are the cards you have been dealt.

And just when you think you have it all figured out there’s a fly in the ointment, a little thing surfaces that sets humans apart from other animals, a unique inherent ability to feel for other things, a gift from the Gods called empathy.

This one blessing rises us to the feet of Gods, it allows us to be spirit first, flesh and blood second. Yes we must survive, we must kill to live but perhaps just perhaps this is not our reality, no empathy tells us that deeper yet, hidden below the cesspool of fear in which we are mired lies our true nature.

If you have no empathy you are merely an animal playing out the role of being alive, forever driven by need or fear or instinct, awareness is not a possibility you are doomed to sleepwalk until you die.

Most people are unaware that they are unaware, they are fast asleep living out a dream. Some are aware that they are unaware because for a moment sometime they actually woke and saw! A limited few are aware they are aware, we tend to call these people Saints, they are empathy living, spirit manifest as flesh.

I really don’t think abortion is a good thing but as a male I will never be pregnant and do I have the right to judge a woman when I have never been one.

I also think hunting is a bad thing but I eat meat.

I hate government but am glad the police and army are there to protect me.

I fume at money in government yet I use my contacts for my betterment.

I guess I am a hypocrite which means that I have a philosophy.


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