The Price of the Presidency

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Being elected president of America indicates only that one has access to the financial assets necessary to run a campaign. It says nothing of the metal of a person, nothing of the inner person, their morality, their ethics, their hopes, dreams and or aspirations for the office that they have won or the people they will govern or the nation they will lead.

The only thing winning the office of president signified is that one had the ability to run a campaign and to garner the support of the electorate by whatever means available or possible.

History tells that 44 men have won the office of president. But all this list tells us of these men is that they manipulated the electorate in their favor.

How many honored the office with their presence. How many merely served. How many led and served with an inspiration that the office demands and expects.

History has judged the venerable 44 poorly, in that few of these men are remembered for anything other than winning and holding the office. Their terms in the greatest office in human history are marked only by time and indifference.

The true metal of a president can only be measured by the events that occur after the inauguration, all that came before was a dollar based media campaign. What did Clinton leave that will enshrine his 8 years in the White House. What did Bush leave, what will Obama leave.

The Clinton and Bush presidencies are memories now. Their failings to impose a greatness on their term and history can only be regrets for them. Obama fortunately or unfortunately, as only time will tell, still has an opportunity to ensure that his memory will not alone be that he was the first President of America with African blood, but rather that through the office that he so historically won that he made a great country a better country.

In this hour of need for the American people, personal courage and a harsh disregard for politics as usual is the cry from the soul of America to Barrack Obama. History will record how he answered.

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