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I wonder is there any real correlation  between the stock market and the actual economy. Wall Street would have us believe that stock prices are a reflection of the health of the economy and that stock prices are in fact driven by economic numbers.

In a sense I guess that there are two economies. The actual economy where real people live, eat and breathe and the numbers economy on which the Wall Street Casino is based.

The average person who lives week to week if not day to day may have some interest in the goings on in Wall Street from the aspect of a retirement plan but very few people have actually traded a stock.

Stocks are traded by a limited few who enjoy great privilege. They live in a surreal world like movie stars, latter day Marie Antoinette’s who think that if people are hungry that they should eat caviar as in if they have no bread why don’t they eat cake.

Whereas ordinary people inhabit a very real ordinary world where getting by is the order of the day. When you have to be on the road at 5.30 am to beat the traffic and don’t get home till after 5.00 pm in the evening tired and stressed there is little time in your life to analyze the fortune 500.

Yet to listen to the TV reports of the economy all is good in wonderland because the stock market says that it is so.

All is not good.

The American nightmare is alive and well and thriving in the souls of the long term unemployed who have buoyed the numbers by giving up looking for work.

In the hearts of the hordes who have come to believe that an eight dollar an hour job with no benefits is a prized possession.

In the dreams and aspirations of millions that have been dashed and laid waste on the hallowed soil of a once great land, by corporate greed.

In the consciousness of children who will never forget leaving their school, their home, their friends, and their pets because the bank foreclosed.

The sad reality of America is that a reality has been created in which the rights of money far outweighs the rights of people.

A reality where paper entities hold sway over living breathing beings.

A reality where elected officials actual believe deep within their being that they owe no allegiance to the electorate who put them in office to represent them, but rather to the wishes of lobbyists who are paid by the corporate goliaths to ensure that the rules of the game are weighed heavily in their favor.

The Bush administration changed to bankruptcy laws to make it hard for Joe Public to file for bankruptcy at the bequest of corporate bankers, the very same bankers who accepted billions of taxpayer money to keep them out bankruptcy. While giants like GM file bankruptcy like it is the equivalent of having an espresso.

No corporate ceo lost his home or his amassed fortune as a result of driving his paper entity corporation into the ground and fleecing the taxpayer’s coffers.

Mostly they are rewarded because this is the way it is for the privileged classes, and this is precisely why the folks on Wall Street actually believe they are trading based on real numbers from a real economy, when they are in fact rolling a virtual dice in the greatest casino in the history of earth with their oh so rich and privileged buddies safe in the knowledge that they can’t lose. Losing is reserved for the ordinary people in the real economy in the real world.

The Wall Street elite wouldn’t know the real economy if it punched them squarely between the eyes because they never really inhabited a place where every decision made every day was based on the security of a family and a home.

When a ordinary man loses his family feels the pain.

Wasn’t it Leona Hensley who proclaimed that taxes are for the little people?

The reality of the American Dream is that it is reserved for the few and funded by the many. The awful sadness in this is that the many are so blinded by corporate propaganda and celebrity reality shows that they either don’t know or don’t care that their only role is that of a resource.

And in the economy that Wall Street inhabits they would have no other way, and they will hire as many lobbyists as is necessary to ensure that it stays this way.

It doesn’t take a masters degree in rocket science to know there is very little real estate at the top of a pyramid.

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Very insightful comments and needs to be read by everyone who seeks to change our system that is run by the ego-mind. Thanks for sharing your light.


January 5th, 2010 at 3:05 pm

You may be quite surprised at how many of us “little people” actually do trade stocks.

February 5th, 2010 at 12:10 am

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