The Recession is Over

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The BBC informs me that the recession in the USA ended in 2009. A link to offending article is hidden at the bottom of this post.

Unfortunately for me and the 7 million American homeowners in default on their home loans we don’t live is statistical universe inhabited by the BBC’s financial wiz kid who wrote this article. And to add insult to injury they don’t allow comments.

I understand how recessions and booms are the love children of numbers and though I am the father of a child with an honors degree in financial math’s which means that either me or his mother have some math’s gene in our heritage, I prefer a recession meter with a feel it, taste it approach.

The numbers say that there are 7 million American home loans in default.

All the experts are predicting up to 4 million foreclosures in 2010.

The nation’s jobless rate hovers in the 10 percent.

California’s jobless rate is 12 percent.

Detroit’s jobless rate is somewhere between 20 and 50 percent depending on the source.

Oh and did I mention that the recession is over.


The good people of Massachusetts sick and tired of business as usual in Washington sent a Conservative Republican to Washington in hope of change.

I who don’t have a vote in who makes the decisions which lobbyist’s legalization controls my life sit quietly in my basement office and wonder.

Are they mad, insane or just stupid? Don’t they know that the conservatives idea of good government is preserve the status quo? Conserve as I have mentioned previously = keep, as in keep the same.

And in any case the reverent Mr. Bush had a good eight years to see that we never reached the financial cliff side that we eventually fell over before calling in search and rescue in the form of the very unfortunate and oh so unlucky Mr. Obama.


And on a final note why is it that the mere mention of the word socialism conjures visions of the Soviet Union in the American mind.

Why not conjure up Sweden where socialism and democracy have come together to create a virtual utopia for its citizens, who by the way are flesh and blood real people, similar in all ways to the American dreamers except in the conditioning that capitalism is a superior system for flesh and blood people.

Capitalism is a system designed for the proliferation of capital

Socialism is a system designed for the proliferation of people

A subtle difference indeed, but at least worthy of consideration by a mind open enough to accept the notion of consideration.

BBC article

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