The Unalterable Structure

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Have you ever wondered why one plus one always seems to equal two, why in this vast vastness in which we exist and think there never seem to be an exception to this mundane rule, that some creativeness in the eternal scheme of things would not come up with a scenario which somehow split the atom of mathematics and imploded 1+1 in on itself to create a outcome that did not resemble 2 in any way.

I’m sure that the reason is because math’s is not a real thing merely a system of measurement that our limited consciousness applies to structures in an attempt to measure them.

Pattern’s and/or structures are the formwork of the reality in which we exist. If an object or item lacks a pattern or structure than it is merely a philosophy or theory, no structure equals no existence.

However the anatomy of structures reaches far beyond the visible world in which we exist and penetrates deep into the inner workings of the mind and the subconscious.

You and your body, its size, shape and coloring are all the results of a predefined pattern which exists in your DNA.

Your thoughts and emotions acting on your DNA decide the outcomes of your DNA as it manifests in the world of form. Like a daffodil reflects the quality of the soil and the effects of climate, your manifestation in the world of form reflects your dna + perception coming together to form a fat you, a skinny you, a depressed you, a happy you.

You may be predisposed to depression but the actual manifestation of depression is subject to the genetic predisposition interacting with perception.

Now to the crazy part, perception which is merely seeing being manipulated by conditioning has form/structure/pattern.

And the even crazier part is that conditioning is also structure dependant.

So imagine some crazy scientist went into the DNA structure of a blond lady and altered the code/pattern that called for her hair to be blond to the gene for black hair.

Immediately her hair growth would be changed from blond to black. That’s the way of structures; any and all change is instantaneous.

So if simply by altering a genetic code you can alter how a person manifests then does it not also follow that the altering of any pattern that decides the outcomes for a person will alter the person in direct proportion to the change in pattern?

The crazy scientist may not be available to alter your genetic code, and the psychologist may not be available to change your perceptions but there is still hope, there is still a pattern annihilation tool available to shift you from the maladjusted manifestation you appear to be to a different and possibly easier to live with result.

Conditioning is the answer to your problem with yourself and your outcomes. You can without doubt alter your conditioning and with it your perceptions and with it your self.

What is conditioning but unproven data that you choose to believe. There is a vast amount of information available to prove or disprove almost everything that exists within your conditioning at this moment. A war or an argument is simply non aligned accepted beliefs in conflict.

Everything, and I mean totally everything you believe at this moment in time, regardless of how precious it is to you, is unproven and baseless and exists only because you choose to believe. Can you even prove that your mother is actually your mother other than by hearsay which is not admissible in a court of law?

So if you would like to alter yourself in some way look to your conditioning and find ways to disprove/discredit the beliefs that are wrecking your head and your life!

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