The Very Real Need for Strong Coffee

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The only thing wrong with the world in relation to racial harmony is that everyone wants to steal everyone else’s stuff. The problem is that everyone also wants to go to heaven or paradise or wherever so we need to create a way to steal stuff without incurring the wrath of the almighty.

So we create society to enable us to create laws which enable us to rob and kill with immunity and we also create religion to enable us to mess with other religions without ruining our particular Gods day.

Religion lays out the format to follow to ensure safe passage to paradise. Society through its created laws lays out the template to follow to relieve our fellow humans of their stuff without incurring the wrath of society.

It is interesting to note that in most cases the laws of society take precedence over the laws of religion. For instance most banks are run by the combination religious creeds of Christianity, Judaism and Islam which incidentally all stem from the same origins, a tenet of which is “thou shalt not steal”.

However the banks through their influence over society’s laws by their practice of buying politicians overcome the religious laws and steal legally from their customers. And because this stealing is deemed legal by society laws it is thereby deemed legal by religious laws and therefore a way has been created to steal other folks stuff without incurring the wrath of society or God. Hallelujah!

If you don’t believe that the banks steal legally try overdrawing your Bank of America checking account by 1 cent. You will quickly find that you now owe your friendly bank $35. If this is not stealing then I don’t know what is. The bank might call it terms and conditions, I call it stealing.

A simple rule of thumb is this: “If terms and conditions apply it’s a lie”.

Now I don’t have any problem with people stealing other peoples stuff. I don’t have any problem with Bank of America’s nasty charges; I have no problems with our stupid system of commerce. As the football coach would say: “It is what it is”.

My gripe is with the perceived necessity for delusion. Everywhere else in the animal kingdom of which we as human animals are part there is no need for delusion. Every animal knows that its stuff including its carcass is up for grabs. We as humans think that we are protected from the natural order of the universe by stupid notions like morality, conscience, law, commandments, religion and society.

The reality is that we are more at risk than our four legged fellow earth dwellers. They know there is ever present danger while we are dogma-ed into deluded security by the threat of law. As anyone who has been murdered will tell you all law is, is a threat and a very toothless threat at that.

So if law serves no purpose other than deluding humans into a false sense of security what good is it, what is it’s need, why where laws ever put in place.

And now we have come to the cusp of the need for law.

With every species of animal other than human strength wins out. The strongest bull sires the herd kind of thing. In human society this natural law doesn’t hold. It has been superseded by the laws of religion and society enabling the weak but cunning to hold sway over their stronger fellow men. Without societies and religious laws guess who would be living in Trump Tower and who would be sipping chardonnay with Paris.

The whole purpose behind society and religion is to distort the balance of power between physical strength and intelligence. Does anyone really believe that God showed up in a bush on a mountain and gave Moses the laws? A far more believable truth is that Moses needing to control the rabble went up the mountain wrote the laws as he saw fit came back down and presented his version of how things should be to the rabble and blamed God on ruining the party.

For most people there is a lot of pain attached to their journey through life. The simple reason for this is that they are bent out of shape trying to abide by laws and religious tenets that are very bitter pills to swallow.

It’s not that they want to break the laws it’s that they can’t quite grasp their meaning within their particular life and so rather than just existing in enlightened fashion like most creatures mans life has become a search for meaning.

The horrible but brilliant news flash is that there is no meaning other than you are alive but unfortunately also deluded. Man’s search for meaning transpires into a journey from the twin delusions of societal and religious laws to the universal law which states: “If you are not alive you are dead, if you are not consuming you are being consumed”. Basic stuff really, hard to swallow but basic.

If one where to truthfully examine the adherence to laws by different financial groupings it would become apparent that the only way to get rich and stay rich is by stealing legally and that the poorer financial groupings where more likely to be the most deluded and therefore most likely to have a high moral code and also more likely to obey the very laws that where created to keep them poor.

So in the end this piece only has one goal. I don’t want to change anything. Good or bad our system is our system. I just wish that some fool other than me would wake up and realize that Fox news is a propaganda channel masquerading as a news channel.

As Lord Haw-Haw would say: “Germany Calling”.

Coffee anyone.

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