There are Double Dips and Double Dips

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Double Dips and Double Dips

An old snake oil salesman told me once that there is more then one way to skin a cat and blood and gut aside you don’t get to be  a successful snake oil salesman if you don’t know many ways to skin cats. By the way for the grey matter challenged amongst you the cat in this reference is you and the skin is your money.

Taking this sales guru speak one step further a travelling salesman told me once and I quote: “Seeing is believing, trouble is most people believe what they want and then go ahead and see it “!!

Now we come to the science of double dip which is only exact when it relates to ice cream. However to get a grasp of double dip as it relates to economies we must understand a few simple realities.

There are/is more than one version of the economy:

  • There is the economy which we live in in real time, the now economy.
  • There is the economy according to wall street which lags the now economy and in reality mirrors the now economy in a past life. The wall street economy is the pretend economy formulated to assist snake oil salesmen skin people who think they are investors alive.

Within the now economy there is only what is. Because of this there is no double dip possibility. To have a double dip you first need to dip then rise then dip again. You can however have a perception malfunction which seeing what it wants creates a perceived rise/fall evect which could be termed a double dip illusion or more appropriately a double dip delusion.

In reality double dips can only happen in the pretend economy (which is perception based) which dips because the real/now economy slows down but then rises on made up hype and then when the cats realize that they have been fed a staple diet of garbage stats designed to relieve them of their skin pull back the market falls the gains are lost and hey presto double dip.

In the wild west most snake oil salesmen where either run out of town or strung up. But snake oil salesmen are a resourceful bunch and whats more they have no appetite for the treatment dished out to them in the wild west so they enlisted the help of vermin names lobbyists to ensure that the law would be on their side when they went about their business of swindling greedy people who choose to believe what they want despite the evidence to the contrary. Imagine a fish who knew that the worm held a hook still choosing to believe that dinner had been served.

So the snake oil salesmen taking the traveling salesman’s advice to heart devised their plan to take over the world and set up shop in NY NY somewhere on wall street and the rest is history.

This history will tell that wall street invented a pretend economy and by the verbal alchemy of speaking reality into existence succeeded in convincing the masses to believe what they wanted, which is exactly the same as getting a fish to swallow a worm knowing that it contained a hook.

Now that the now/real economy was relegated to irrelevant and the wall street pretend economy was coronated absolute monarch, the snake oil salesmen where free to speak reality into existence and people being people insisted on believing what they want the strange fantasy phenomenon “double dip” became a very real financial entity in the never never land of finance.

And the snake oil salesmen lived happily ever after.

You don’t want to know what happened to the cats.

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