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So the proclamation has been issued by the commander in chief and all his merry men are falling over themselves to agree, yes the recession is finally over. I wonder if the enlightened 13 million homeowners who are falling over themselves trying to keep a roof over their kid’s heads for the holiday season agree. Not to mention the 30% unemployed in Detroit.

So the news man who is supposed to be telling me the news informs me that the stores are holding limited inventory this Christmas and if I don’t want to be disappointed that I had better shop early. Shop early and often and then the holiday sales figures will be high and Obama the peacemaker will go on TV and address the nation with the good news for 4th quarter sales and fingers crossed the snowball will keep rolling down misery hill.

What no one wants to know is that in a capitalist system there are really two distinct groupings. One grouping to cover the capitalistic ideals and the other less important grouping which is people. The financial sector, which is really all about ledger entries and balancing books by whatever means legally allowable and the regular people sector, which is about trying to raise families in the real world by whatever means possible.

Now it just might be possible though I doubt it, that the financial sector has entered an initial stage of recovery, but rest assured that the sector that is the ordinary citizen is still struggling to stay afloat in turbulent recessionary waters.

When a newsreader or the President of the Fed talks about the economy they are not referring to the American people in any way, shape or form, no they are referring to the financial sector. The only interest they have in the people is the numbers and the effect the numbers have on the financials.

Who cares about some guy in Detroit who is out of work and losing his home, I guess besides him and his family no one, nada, not a living soul. However what we all really do care about is the effect 13 million homes in foreclosure will have on the economy, the financial economy that is.

There is a thin line of demarcation here. No one gives a damn about the 13 million families who just might find themselves living on the street. But everyone is really concerned about the numbers, about the 13 million mortgages that are in default and the effect that this might have on the financial sector. In a capitalistic system everything is numbers, people are a distant second.

But the reality for the folks who spin the numbers is that in the end they are people to, at least I think they are, and though they might feel that they are a separate species from their fellow citizens that they refer to as “those people” in the end of the day when the fan is struck by a piece of gigantic proportions and all social masks are reduced to the one size fits all category I guess that we will find that the voices shouting the loudest for a combined effort, for a united effort will be the very ones who have no scruples evicting families from their homes to satisfy the bottom line of a ledger page.

Remember there are no “those people” or “these people”, there are only people and “these people” who are wrecking your financial buzz are in fact your people, your countrymen, your tribe, your only chance. As much a part of you as the fingers that punch out the foreclosure notice.

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