Thoreau Was Right

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change you can believe inThoreau was right, nothing ever changes except the names and the weather and even the weather doesn’t really change it just recycles itself.

So one star gets drunk goes into rehab comes out a changed man and then some other star goes into rehab and comes out a changed woman and the world stands still and we the people listen to the band.

Did you ever wake up and realize that it was today again, still the same just with a different name and date. It’s frightening really, here you are captured in a never-ending roundabout/rotary to nowhere following/chasing thoughts that seem to spew out of nowhere and all you can do is hope that eventually you will get to where you are going.

The problem with journeys is that if you don’t know where you are going it is really hard to get there, and being honest with myself I really haven’t got a clue as to where I am headed, have you, no I didn’t think so.

Anyway I was just thinking about control and how futile an obsession it is. In all honesty if you cannot control yourself how do you expect to control the world let alone anyone else.

I read the first 5 pages of the prologue of the book the Black Swan and it was like an electric current was applied to a long dead circuit, finally something new, old but new, I wonder what Thoreau would think.

So if you have reached this far through this meanderings  piece of nothing you deserve a reward and I am going to tell you the future. The old world, the world as we know it is dead, it just hasn’t realized it yet.

The internet will have the effect of all of the previous ground breaking inventions combined. The onset of the engine changed mankind forever. The internet will have a bigger impact.

First and foremost commercial real estate will be decimated over the next 20 or so years as office staff move to a work from home format or telecommute, the continued use of online shopping will close mall after mall and online education will become the norm.

This will also have the effect of cutting the need to travel so car ownership will drop, petroleum use will fall as will the need for much of the infrastructure that our present road usage requires.

What this means is that the new kings and queens of commerce will be those who started early into the new world.

Think of the land grab days in Oklahoma, everything was free you just had to go and claim it. Right now this is the reality of the new world that is the WWW.

This my friends as Obama would declare is change you can believe in!

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