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So Obama is picking up his Nobel Peace Prize today and as the song line goes isn’t it ironic don’t you think that it’s just about a week since he announced sending another 30,000 troops to war in Afghanistan.

Who or what decides on who or what is awarded a Nobel Prize. I don’t know do you. It’s like my son isn’t allowed to reference Wikipedia in his high school projects. Wikipedia is rogue, just about anyone can write it up, unlike the more conservative sources where only experts get to air their opinions. I was just wondering what kind of experts get to choreograph the Nobel Prize Waltz.

The problem with the world is that people will believe anything that they are told by a reliable source like Fox News or the White House Press Office. I seem to remember one of George Bushes geniuses declare and I think I quote correctly: “We (the administration) speak reality into existence.” Brilliant don’t you think, we can actually speak reality into existence. Merely the uttering makes it real.

So you tell your son that God is good and that all Liberals are really commies in sheep’s clothing and that “those” people are bad, deserve everything they get and whatever other evil quote “those” people deserve in your opinionated opinion, and like any good condition your son becomes one of you and reserves his inalienable right to place anyone who does not resemble his opinion of how a human person should be or act into the “those people” grouping.

Who are “those “ people, come on now tell me who are “those “people, I really do need to know because lately listening to the experts on Public Radio I’m beginning to think that when they refer to “those” people  they are really referring to me.

What did I do wrong, OK! So I ruined a few businesses and I destroyed a perfectly good credit report, OH! And yes I am totally responsible for (a) the subprime crisis, (b) global warming, and I guess everything else in between.

The reason for (a) above stems from the ruining of all “those” viable businesses and in the process ruining the virgin white credit report that trans union gifted me and further along in the process wrecking my wife’s buzz by telephone, don’t the constant debt collectors calling to do you a favor wreck your buzz too, as well, also. (b) Stems from having no money and being forced into bumper to bumper 10mph traffic in a 15 mpg truck at 5.00 am in the morning and 3.30 in the evening with all the other American Dreamers battling through their own individual nightmares, while all the time wondering when will “those” people in Afghanistan and Iraq finally get it and do what we want them to do?!?!

So imagine it’s like 1347 and your name is Wik and you are living in Constantinople and you know every symptom of the plague and you see a man walking down the street exhibiting every single plague symptom and you think to yourself this guy definitely has the plague but just then the worlds foremost plague expert and the white house press officer points to this man and exclaim that he is the very picture of health and that we all should aspire to his condition and here you are in your head looking for evidence to doubt yourself.

If it looks like sh@# and smells like sh@# then without doubt my man it really is that prized substance that we all like to verbally spew from time to time none more than the white house press officers and the “experts”.

When is a recession over? When the experts say it’s over.

What has 10% unemployment, 20% in places got to do with it?

What has 13 million homes either in foreclosure or on the brink got to do with it?

Come to think of it what has 30,000 thousand troops got to do with a Peace Prize.

And one more thing didn’t any of the “experts” think to tell Obama the Peacemaker that Afghanistan is the only region on the face of the earth that has never been successfully occupied. The Roman Empire came and went, the British Empire came and went, The Soviet Empire came and went without conquering Afghanistan and when the sun finally sets on the American Empire Afghanistan will still remain unconquered, it’s geographic don’t you think.

PS. When you refer to someone as “those” people you have elevated yourself to “expert” status on that particular subject. And as we all know you are far from being an expert at anything except for maybe opinion.

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