We The People

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To Wall Street 20% unemployment is only a number, it is not real people out of work, depressed and worried about mortgage or rent payments. What do real people matter when there a buck to be made?

To Wall Street 7 million home loans in default is only a number, it is not real fathers and mothers lying sleepless at night in the horror of a private American nightmare.

Wall Street is detached from the realities of the real economy, and the real people who inhabit the real economy that it so arrogantly presumes to represent as it trades real peoples dreams like trinkets, like mere commodities.

Like spectators at the Coliseum, who laugh and cheer and gamble on the outcome, unlike the gladiators who are providing the show. Their fight is a battle for life or death, survival or demise.

When the show is over the spectators return to warn safe homes and their privileged kids and pampered mates. The gladiators on the other street, Main Street live and die by the everyday occurrences of life as it plays out.

We the people as Madison so nobly proclaimed live out America everyday, we are America; we are its soul, its very heartbeat. Wall Street rolls a dice and wages on our fate as if it where of no consequence.

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