What are Rules

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What are Rules

Rules or laws come in two distinct varieties which could be described simply as incontravenable and contravenable. There are laws that can be broken easily like ignoring a do not walk on grass sign and laws that cannot be broken like you must breathe oxygen to live. It is not possible to live without breathing whereas it is possible to walk on the grass if you don’t mind annoying the person who put the sign in place.

Within the confines of this limited article we will look at breakable laws and leave the unbreakable ones to the Gods to ponder, after al they chose to create them for some reason or other.

Breaking the Rules

There is no rule anywhere except in the head of the conditioned that states you should work for Walmart for $7.50 per hour without benefits or vacation. Yet so many thousands of members of the greatest species ever known to inhabit the universe choose to do just this.

There are no rhino’s or monkeys who choose to work for Walmart, only the alpha species chooses to do this voluntarily. So the question must be asked; why would so many superbly equipped assassins choose to ignore their God given gifts and work for a corporation under conditions that equate to slavery without benefits or vacation time.

The answer is rules or laws. Rules/laws are created to limit the options available to the most adaptable species that ever existed in the known universe. By the mere imposition of  law, a God given right is disallowed. If the sign says 35 mph then 40 mph is against the law even though the car and road are quite capable of 120mph. Most people deludedly believe that laws are there to be obeyed and in this belief limit their opportunities to live abundantly.

It is interesting to note that the walmarts of this world choose to ignore law or find a way around compliance and in this non compliance prosper. This alone should be proof positive that law has disastrous consequences for those who for whatever reason choose to comply.

Most laws however are not enacted with public safety in mind. In fact most laws are not enacted with the public in mind. Most laws are created and enacted with a small group of very rich people in mind.

Careful observation will reveal that while the vast majority of people obey the law, the small group who the law was enacted to benefit actually treat the laws with contempt by totally ignoring their existence. After all we all know that taxes are for the little people.

Oh! yes there are sanctions for breaking the laws if you are foolish enough to get caught and even more foolish not to be rich enough to be able to afford better legal counsel than the State.

Here’s the thing, if breaking a law nets you $1000.00 and the sanction (fine) for breaking this law is $500.00 then logically we should break this law at every given opportunity, and this I would contend is exactly what the wealthy had in mind when they sent their lobbyists to bribed our noble elected officials to enact the legislation in the first place, and the chances are that the rich guy actually paid his attorney to write the bill in the first place.

So the successful rich guy gets to get what he wants by treating the rules as a tool to be manipulated as required while the rest of us get to sit on a couch sipping Prozac from a straw while being drip fed brain numbing reality TV designed and scripted to ensure that the vast hordes remain compliant in their role as resource.

Live by Your Rules

The only real possibility for success within society is to forget about the rules you or God didn’t create and choose a set of rules to live by that have your benefit and good as a core principle.

One should live by what I choose to call the white shark rule. The white shark rule simply states that if you must swim with white shark make sure that you are in a cage with a nuclear spear gun or two handy.

The reality of white shark is that they are harmless to you unless you put yourself into harms way. Knowing the capabilities of man the one in danger is the white shark.

So when you are in the presence of white shark don’t exceed speed limits or rob banks with guns, etc. Simply keep your feet firmly planted on solid ground and do what you want. The shark is only dangerous when you are stupid enough to enter his world unprepared.

There are No Rules

In reality there are no rules with the exception of this one law. If you are not consuming you are being consumed, if you are not alive you are dead. Everything else is up for grabs and is dependant on your stomach for risk.

You can shoot, steal and/or kill any time you choose if you are willing to meet the price, that is our core ability as the top of the food chain alpha species.

Taking the recent US administration into consideration the price of doing what you want whenever you want however you want to anyone you want is relevant and in direction proportion to power you hold over them.

As the Chinese philosopher is reputed to have said and I quote: You can have what you can take, you can keep what you can hold. Now there is a rule if ever I saw one.

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